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The Importance of IP Address to Unblock Facebook Website

Posted Dec 28 2012 2:14am
     Do you know that the IP address could unblock Facebook website?The answer isabsolutely “No”.You must be curious about it and no hurry,we will tell you some basic knowledge about the specific function of the IP address and where to find them on the internet.Prepared yourseld and let’s begin. 
??Like many popular Web sites, Facebook would utilize multiple Internet servers to handle incoming requests to its Web site But we would detect several IP addresses and we couldn’t decided which one is the common IP address of the Facebook site.It could be showed below: - - -
??One thing is certain that they all belong to Facebook and you could have a try that the one could be able to connect to the site by its domain name is the true one.Then you could access Facebook via the IP Address.You just need to type the link to the box when you want to visit the Facebook home page .The usual one is Then you could unblock Facebook website freely because it is the same as the real Facebook address.
??If you cannot reach Facebook using, your Internet provider may be has blocked access to the site. Using an IP address based URL might bypass such restrictions. Even if it succeeds, however, such a workaround may violate your host network's policy. Check your AUP or contact with your local network administrator to ensure this visiting to Facebook is allowed. 
??Here is all the peocess to take advantage of the IP addresses to access Facebook and it is applicable to the regular users and we could use it to chat with our friends and scan some important information and share our lives on the internet with our families every day at each moment.Try and enjoy it!
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