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The HP 593553-001 Battery and Adapter Details You Need to Know

Posted Jan 21 2014 10:12am

HP 593553-001 battery and adapter are accessories that are available in the market which can be used to resolve some of your laptop problems. Are you having a problem where your laptop cannot charge or you have to connect it to a power source wherever you want to use it? These challenges could indicate that your battery or adapter is faulty. Note books generally are costly so it is not advisable to keep on buying a new laptop wherever you encounter challenges. It is always good to do a diagnosis to find out the real problem before you go out purchasing replacement accessories. If you have ascertained that the problem emanates from a faulty battery or adapter then you need to replace it.


Battery for HP 593553-001

This battery is manufactured by Hewlett Packard the manufacturers of HP laptops. The battery can be used on most of HP laptops. It is a lith-ion battery with a capacity of 5200mAh and has 6 cells. Its voltage is 10.8V though it is still compatible with a voltage of 11.1V. To enhance safety and stability, the battery has an inbuilt circuit protection. Due to its good qualities most dealers are comfortable to give 1 year warranty to their customers.


You can get the most from your HP 593553-001 battery by fully charging it before storing it especially if you won’t be using it for a period exceeding 1 month. When storing, ensure the temperature of where you are keeping it is within the range of 200c -250c. To increase the life span of your battery, Use an original compatible adapter from HP like the HP adapter. Other instructions on how to take care of your battery are included in the package that comes with the new battery.


HP 593553-001 Adapter

This adapter is compatible for use with the HP 593553-001 original battery. Some of the features of the adapter are, it is an Ac adapter and it meets all the manufacturers’ specification for HP 593553-001 note book. It mainly comes in color black. The way the adapter works is that it converts the 120 volts normally supplied in electricity outlets to moderate levels of direct current (DC) which can be used to charge the laptop without damaging it. Since this is an original adapter, most suppliers are comfortable giving one year warranty to customers.


HP batteries and adapters are not as cheap as their counterfeits. But in the long run they are cheap since they will serve you longer especially if you take good care of them.

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