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The heat level league record 19 in a row the lakers match OK era

Posted Mar 20 2013 2:14am

"He like Edward hutton, although not too many words at ordinary times, but you always willing to listen to his speech". (Edward hutton, founded in 1904, named after his securities brokerage companies, since then, the company became one of America's most famous securities Adidas Rose 2.5 brokerage company.) Wall Street has been circulated a statement like this, "Edward hutton said that no matter what, somebody else always willing to listen to".Miami coach erik spoelstra said, the heat should be aimed at shane that passion speech to give him some reward. According to bosh (microblogging), held in this year's super bowl, shane battier in the team gave a passionate speech, because at that time the state of the heat is not particularly good, battier hope to encourage the team to pick up. And since he delivered the speech, the heat still unbeaten.Shane battier is twice experienced team who first 22 winning streak in NBA history, the last time is in the rocket, so he was affectionately dubbed the "male god for victory".Although battier in the heat and the celtics only get 6 points, but at the last Adidas Top Ten 2000 critical moment off green layup, and he has never been a player as measured by data. In the New York times reporter Michael lewis's "the theory of the magic ball," shane battier is the NBA's MVP level. In the theory of the magic ball data analysis system, the efficiency of battier. He could force his defensive players into low shooting area, he always stand in the best defensive position, his contribution cannot be embodied through ordinary data."Batman begins and I have in common is that we all like to do things quietly," battier said.Lakers is going to be on the road against the thunder, Nash was asked whether the game is the first round of the playoffs in the rehearsal, the lakers' starting point guard says he won't consider these, now he is thinking how to the playoffs, "I guess you might think that this is a preview of the first round of the playoffs, but I don't spend a lot of time to think about," Nash said, "because I just want to the playoffs, Adidas Boost and now our team still has a lot of problems, there appear a lot of ups and downs in our team this season, for a long time no progress, so I just want to how to get to the playoffs, then consider how to play inside in the playoffs."Then the Nash and the lakers to the playoffs want big? "I think we are getting better, we spent so much time that we finally feel happy on the pitch." Nash said, "we are now more confident, and was more efficient in the field, there are some slow our progress, but it's good we are on your way. Adidas CC Ride M I hope we can continue to maintain the status quo, and then we would become an excellent football team. If the injured teammates to be back in action again, that would be nice."Wei fewer memories of the 2010 playoffsThunder guard against westbrook still remember three years ago when the lakers missed the big shot, "that is in the home game against the lakers in 2010, when a crucial tip-in into pau gasol, in before, I missed a base Angle shots. You probably don't remember, but I still remember. Every time we training in the summer, we will talk about the shooting." Wei talk less when the shooting in game 6 of the first round of the playoffs in the west in 2010, it was gasol that rebound shot to beat the lakers to a 4-2 eliminate the thunder. This perhaps is the cause of wei still less.

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