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The heat bench gang share three giant pressure three points rain douse the opponent arrogance

Posted Feb 25 2013 6:37am
Beijing time on February 25 news, after the all-star weekend playoff race seat intensified, plus kobe [micro bo] Bryant to the Los Angeles lakers [micro bo] will enter the playoffs that people are more concerned about the lakers' performance, they use game gives the best answer. In the first eight teams the Houston rockets, Nike Lunar Hyperdunk 2012 the Utah jazz are lost, the lakers seize the opportunity to use the victory to close the gap. Today with the Dallas mavericks game, this is very important for the game. Because in the top eight of rockets and jazz yesterday lost the ball, this gives the lakers provides a good opportunity to narrow the gap, plus the mavericks 10 behind the lakers in only one game, both the outcome of the dialogue will affect directly to the position, such as game for the lakers, a as two games to play, it is the key to not lose war. In kobe Bryant made a guarantee, the lakers get winning streak, but at home to win the ball, they can away like kobe Bryant said that keep Cheap Kobe VI battle force, it is they can come to the playoffs key. Results the lakers do well, their success with the key war, record into and wins and negative, losing 50% has approach. After winning the lakers in the western conference or 9, but they and the gap to 2 1/2 games, and the jazz are 3 1/2 games, the gap is still not small, can already be accessible. Considering the lakers next and left the meeting face to face with, this is a good opportunity for bridging the gap, if as the lakers win the game, so is equal to two teams only 1 1/2 games gap, with 24 games to run after 1 1/2 games gap, this is the quite easy to do.Narrow the gap with the first eight at the same time, Cheap Kobe 6 the lakers also suppressed jilt behind, the victory after the lakers and the gap in two games, the lakers the position of the 9 solid a lot. World war I realize the double purpose, this to the lakers' morale ascension is quite important. From this day to see the performance of the game, the lakers' state is on the up, the more important thing is the team can together, in order to a same goal and efforts. Plus owner jerry buss's departure, it let the lakers team cohesion increased a lot, it is especially important to them. More noteworthy is that the lakers are back to back this time on the road trip, respectively against the mavericks and the Denver nuggets, this is the seventh season away back to back, the former 6 times in the game are lost, today after struggle hard to win, this is their first win of the season on the road back to back the first world war I, the race after three points, the lakers season 2 realized a great breakthrough. In the second game of a back to back away the Kobe 6 All Star lakers' season four wins, two negative performance, don't know whether they will keep in Denver this good state. No matter how is the result of a Denver, in Dallas for the lakers win is a big boost of confidence, the more important thing is they narrowed the gap with the first eight teams, they distance to realize the goal of the playoffs and more closely, then they have to do is keep that momentum, to continue to ascend performance to run after the rockets and jazz.James had 16 points, the heat [micro bo] but it can win? For the heat this season, it is almost inconceivable. The last time James score shortage and points, they are two points on the road to the Portland trail blazers. Let James swim blade enough to spare, focus group and defensive key, in addition to wade [micro bo] recent to force performance, is the heat "bench help" take turns the recovery. Over 76 people game, ray Allen and Norris cole each had 12 points, a total of 34 points, substitute contribution Before victory over the eagle and Allen and battier outbreak, let the heat bench under every attack and point high score. As the main substitute and a key link of cohesion, Allen in the last five games averaging 13 points, is "the bench to help" the key to recovery. Want to know before February 6 games, he scores up to the eagle is not a high.
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