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the greater portion

Posted Dec 05 2012 9:23am
Solar Panel Mounting Bracket Was once the wild bee’s golden vest; His cloak of a thousand mingled dyes, Was formed of the wings of butterflies; Aluminum Roof Mounting Clamp His shield was the shell of a lady-bug queen, Studs of gold on a ground of green; Solar Energy Mounting Product And the quivering lance which he brandished bright Was the sting of a wasp he had slain in fight. [6]Chestnut color, or more slack, Solar Panel Mounting Structure Gold upon a ground of black. Ben Jonson. We shall now be understood. Solar Ground Mounting Structure Were any of the admirers of the Culprit Fay asked their opinion of these lines, Solar Energy Mount Product they would most probably speak in high terms of the imagination they display. Yet let the most stolid and the most confessedly unpoetical of these admirers only try the experiment, and he will find, possibly to his extreme surprise, that he himself will have no difficulty whatever in substituting for the equipments of the Fairy, as assigned by the poet, other equipments equally comfortable, Solar Energy Mounting Kit no doubt, and equally in unison with the preconceived size, character, Aluminum Mounting Product and other qualities of the equipped. Why we could accoutre him as well ourselves — let us see. His blue-bell helmet, we have heard Was plumed with the down of the hummingbird, The corslet on his bosom bold Was once the locust’s coat of gold, Solar Energy Mounting Clamp His cloak, of a thousand mingled hues, Was the velvet violet, wet with dews, His target was, the crescent shell Of the small sea Sidrophel, And a glittering beam from a maiden’s eye Was the lance which he proudly wav’d on high. PV Mounting Structure The truth is, that the only requisite for writing verses of this nature, ad libitum is a tolerable acquaintance with the qualities of the objects to be detailed, and a very moderate endowment of the faculty of Comparison — which is the chief constituent of Fancy or the powers of combination. Aluminum Ground System A thousand such lines may be composed without exercising in the least degree the Poetic Sentiment, which is Ideality, Imagination, or the creative ability. And, as we have before said, the greater portion of the Culprit Fay is occupied with these, or similiar things, and upon such, depends very nearly, if not altogether, its reputation. PV Energy Mounting Product We select another example — But oh! how fair the shape that lay Beneath a rainbow bending bright,
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