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The Election and the Storm

Posted Nov 05 2012 8:30am

There isn't much else going on this first Monday in November other than the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and anticipation of tomorrow's quadrennial vote.

All I can say about the latter is, it's about time. I had almost begun to wonder if we had all slipped into a parallel universe of perpetual campaigning that never comes to a vote.

Interesting that it was not an American but a TGB reader in Europe who sent a link to this video produced by New Left Media at a recent Mitt Romney rally in Ohio.

Hanging out with all of you every day on this blog, I forget how hateful and pathetic some voters are.

In regard to the super storm, my heart bleeds for what I will always think of as “my city” and I've spent a lot of time in the past seven days glued to Manhattan radio stations.

A friend who lives in the blackout zone below 39th Street finally found a cell phone signal on Wednesday a couple of miles from his home and called to tell me he had learned something important: you don't die from lack of internet.

He called again Saturday to say that power had been restored to his neighborhood but still no fios leaving him to further test life without the internet – and without television too.

It's odd to realize that people living in the consequences of this disaster know less about its details and overall impact than the rest of us.

Among the destruction and ongoing distress, there was a bright note: the newfound stardom of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's sign-language interpreter, Lydia Callis, for her elaborate signing style.

Concern was expressed here and there that the attention she has garnered for her facial expressions, large gestures and ASL “accent” was disrespectful but I saw nothing but joyous appreciation of her.

Ms. Callis was such a media hit that she was portrayed in the opening skit this week on Saturday Night Live played by actor Cecily Strong who mixed together real signs with the joke ones. Take a look.

Oh, wait. For a little more fun, the SNL crew threw in a bit on what New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's sign interpreter might be like.

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Marc Leavitt: Hurricane Sandy

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