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The activity hosting server

Posted Sep 12 2013 6:37am

RuneScape, the formal website these days formally declared the experience the variety of customers has surpassed 200 thousand level, the experience in early 2001 on-line, separate growth and operation of the experience the British manufacturers Jagex kept more than ten decades to transform the experience upgrade (many of whom make the Runescape 3 Gold product a new look, brand new level of large-scale update) in the experience to record this accomplishment at the same time, itself a 29 staff Room to become the variety of employees more than 450 huge businesses.



Topic in the party of the mission's formal website research web page you can see the variety of gamers is still growing, the bottom of the site to search in the form of review of the experience regularly modified in the past ten decades. "RuneScape" formally declared the RS ("RuneScape," for short), a new modification activity master with a new activity LOGO picture. The new modification of the site not only to gamers to bring more visual impact, and at the same time adding more new content on the RS web games.



The activity hosting server maintains the unique traditional activity, and at the same time strengthening the hosting server performance, and can support millions of separate gamers at the same time online.After 10 decades of growth, Runescape, the designer of the RS 3 Gold experience set a big shake-up of a activity title display. The formal said the new edition of the picture after the producer's careful and made large-scale changes, we must ensure that this 10-year self-style of the traditional activity, but also incorporation into the popular elements of the experience. Therefore, this modification of the experience picture of the designer, no doubt is a small challenge.

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