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That first kiss...

Posted Feb 03 2011 11:34am

With Valentine's Day all over the shops, I thought some might be brave enough to share a personal memory to celebrate it on this lowly blog... 

Many of us can remember our first kiss (even if it had little romance to it). I am collecting people's memories of that first kiss - and here's one to get you thinking. Thanks Stewart.

"My first mouth-to-mouth experience was inflicted upon me at the age of 12 by the grasping, seemingly many-tentacled form of Cousin Angela. She seemed to think it was the rightful payment to exact for being invited to her birthday party. My lips felt as if they had been sandblasted and my shirt collar accumulated, somehow, a soggy patch of drool.  It was the only time in my life when I've felt a desperate need for a glass of mouthwash. I lived in fear of unspeakable germs for months afterwards…

If you would like to join in, just add a comment below. And if you do, thank you!


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