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Ten Reasons tell you Apple should not be affected

Posted Oct 02 2012 11:54am

United States famous magazines of the eWeek Web site recently published articles, iPhone 5 maps that appeared in the error does not have a serious injury on Apple, and pointed out that the 10 reasons to not causing serious injury.

Apple recently has been as the map error of iPhone 5, and hit hard by the sharp criticism of the media, also got accused of some users, but these criticisms and blaming Apple did not have serious injuries. Indeed, Apple's iOS 6 creates a half-baked maps application in the system. While Apple will this app called the market "best" map program, however, user and product reviews quickly found the maps application errors and quality problems.

In fact, this map is very bad, as Apple's Chief Executive, Tim Cook was forced to publicly apologize in the near future, the maps application also does not meet the criteria established by Apple beforehand. Industry questioned the attendant apologized from Apple are understandable. End a bad Apple map application, this application shows the error location information and landmarks of the city. In addition, because Apple decided to stop using the Google Maps application, in support of your own mapping application, this error also led to Apple's more prominent. Apple's initiatives allow the industry to think Apple was so selfish, stingy, and inability to provide consumers the best application.

In fact, despite Apple's battered by questions and complaints, but the company did not need to worry too much. Tim Cook might now have been questioned in the media, but in the long run, map error problems will not have a serious injury on Apple, the main reasons are the following 10 points:

1, the map application is not required

While Apple can be very easy to hit because of a mapping error, but the fact is that this map is not very important. Map application is the occasional use of the user program is not that can prevent users from buying iPhone 5 Smartphone application type.

2, the app store becomes the Savior

Consumer is very clear, despite Apple's maps application error problem, but they still can go to the Apple app store download from Yahoo, Microsoft and other companies a wide range of related programs. In addition, users can also use Safari or Google maps, in other words, replace or repair the maps application is not hard.

3, Google has no opportunity to attack Apple

Apple error to Google maps to provide a number of opportunities, for example, Google has the opportunity to make such a mistake becoming a big problem for Apple. Google Maps application may be the opportunity to promote their own success, and attacks the plight of Apple in this regard and efforts to show differences between iOS and Android, but Google has not done. In fact, even though Google has done, Apple does not need to worry about it too much, after all, if the competition between the two sides, there is not much around Apple's maps started with an error, so consumers with an interest in this kind of chance also dropped drastically.

4, iPhone 5 has large market

Almost all analysts agree that, iPhone 5 has a great demand in global markets. In addition to bad maps, many analysts are giving a high appraisal for iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Better for Apple is that even in the maps application error occurs, many analysts view is still very active. So if Apple is not the result of good, then what is the benefit? Indeed, the Apple iPhone 5 had now has sold more than any cell phone in previous. What is more, We can also see from iphone accessories, for the hot sales of iphone, iphone accessories have a big demand and also have a lost of kinds, such as cute iphone cases, cool iphone cases, leather iphone cases, unique iphone cases and so on.

5, only one operating system

Although iOS 6 has been downloaded by a large number of users in the world, historical experience has proved that many users will update their operating systems. In addition, those worries Apple map applications users might also iOS 5 will still be used. In any case, the problem is limited to a particular iOS operating system, therefore, Apple will have the opportunity to control the spread of the problem, and get the right time to solve that problem.

6, Tim Cook's apology was very wise

While some people wanted to know why Tim Cook apologized, and has also questioned that Steve Jobs have done exactly the same thing, in any case, Cook's apology is very wise. Tim Cook to quell this problem raised concern and recognized the error of Apple, in the process, Cook also provided relevant data. Cook's apology Apple seems more concerned about this matter. All in all, an Apple has always been considered to be in the world concerned with such issues, Cook's apology initiatives will undoubtedly is a very good thing.

7, non-important information on location has errors

Not in dispute is the Apple map is indeed very bad, but we also should be noted that many errors, such as error messages, and so did stick with in the industry. Some cities are marked in the wrong location, for example, Uckfield in East Sussex to be labeled, but this is not a user would like to identify the key locations. In most areas, or the residence of the majority of the population, Apple map provides the correct information, performance is satisfactory, in short, Apple maps are not very bad. If Apple can stabilize perfect maps application, then this problem will soon disappear from the user memory, or Apple iPhone smartphone sales not have severe damage to reputation.

8, no indication showed this is a more serious problem

Some critics have pointed out that Apple's maps application errors can be evolved into Apple's more serious problems. Some people also said that Cook seemed to get lost. Other sources also said such maps application error will spread to other Apple applications. In fact, all these questions are exaggerating. Apple's financial situation shows that Apple's situation is still very good, but Apple's maps appear small problems would not touch the foundation of Apple.

9, Siri is even worse

Apple issues that existed in the Siri to Apple damages may greatly exceed the maps application errors. When Apple announced the launch of Siri for the first time last year, this app has almost become central issues in Apple's new operating system. Users soon discovered Siri runs really bad. In fact, but the end result is that users still continue to buy products such as iPhone and iPad, Apple also continues to increase the amount of cash. Now that Siri's problems have not hurt Apple, then Apple's maps application errors will not cause harm to Apple of course.

10, consumers can always forgive Apple

Perhaps all the signs so that we come to a simple conclusion: that when some error occurs in Apple, consumer always willing and ready to forgive Apple. Problem with Siri, for example, Apple has been understood consumers. When Apple announced soon reduced the first iPhone handset price, those early products consumers are not satisfied with the purchase of this, but they still continue to buy iPhone series mobile phones. Apple has a long continuous history of mistakes, but the fact is that every consumer understanding and quickly through the crisis.

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