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Ten Functional Predictions about Apple iPhone5

Posted Jun 13 2012 7:28am

Apple iPhone5 is coming soon, it is more than just hardware design, the software design of iPhone5 is also very important. Software design is followed by simple, social media, coding solutions. And these changes are subtle impact on users, below our top 10 trends to discuss mobile design.

1. Social networking integration

Social network integration is the need of mobile communications in mobile phone design, users are already put the popular social networking sites to see "like/share" button as is required, users can connect to some extent be regarded as symbols of social skills.

2. Document type statement

When the Web page is generated, we often use HTML, XHTML or other language design, it is necessary to prepare a document shows the mobile Web page is using XML, XHTML, WML design is the, which helps users enter content or code.

3. Code verification

W3C validation service is a necessary step, more and more evidence that the W3C validation is in favour of the mobile phone experience, which helps you know your mobile phone any different with others, so as to improve the quality of your design and optimization. By the way, many manufacturers have made a lot of best iphone cases, such as unique iphone cases. Apple iPhone5 is hot!!

4. Popup menu control

Pop-up menu control is an attractive option, looking at mobile phones jumped out of the window and on the small screen hide is a very simple and cool things. You may not notice, but the user was concerned.

5. Interface blank reserve

Interface between applications should maintain a sufficient number of blank, when the user presses the button, so do not to press the wrong target. Mobile phone on the Web site and the various services should also follow this rule, so mobile phone interface designers should particularly pay attention to.

6. Home link ratio

Home page link ratio is increasingly important, if menu option process more simple, less links on the home page, link ratio lower. Users want a few simple clicks will be able to reach the destination options.

7. Magazine style

Magazine style mobile phone interface design will make the application look more real and more attractive, and users will feel more and more intuitive fashion.

8. Mini style

Mini style is more popular on mobile phones, even if there is a video and pictures of the site, the style also requires a simple, and the button is simple as well, many Web sites begin to pay attention to this now.

9. Image-based navigation

Picture links to the main page and menu, this has been verified in many mobile phones were successful. Ralph Lauren Rugby and Threadless are good examples.

10. The comprehensive Web site interface design

A more comprehensive version to ensure a higher degree of accessibility, at the same time increase the reserve option (for example, plugins can be added later).

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