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Sunglasses and Ray-Ban glasses price information

Posted Jun 18 2012 6:35am
Sunglasses parameters morphology Model: 11007 Color: D, color: light gun color / green / light gun color Size: M trick: Male box type: Full box material: metal useful: shade chosen to light driving component: 28.00g origin : Xiamen ♦ It consists of multiple difference of special material made of different efficacy. Angle and curvature of the lens happens to light the close optical truth plan, the wearer cents will be the distortion of the imitation of the finished product as landscape and feeling dizzy! ♦ exclusive lens deepen skills (appearance, coating and hard), spare lens elasticity efficacious level with the appearance, hardness, scratch resistance, wear resistance, resistance to attack, and there is no deformation, and rupture. Is durable and well use that and functional stability. ♦ intercept light, cut off 99 percent harmless purple inside, to protect your eyes and eyesight. ♦ to reduce reflection and scattered light, to make your vision clearer and wan. St. Paul happens to light sunglasses knot appropriate fashion carefully planned the shapes, color, in addition to more gentle and clear deposit are ordinary sunglasses helpless compared to the visual effect, lets you add a free and easy Peugeot ♦ take PROSUN PROLARIZED-TECH chosen optical lens visual analysis of force large pieces of promotion. ♦ glasses frame manufacturing and texture are the amateur program and executive producer, solid and durable. ♦ consistent ergonomic curvature program, with Daian Yi. ♦ work closely to build skills, high strength, not easy to deform more accurate binocular school for focus, depending on the material redouble clear and real. ♦ match produced to allow scale produced allows Zhenghao: XK16-003-00254 St. groups are continuous efforts to seek on the character, skills and programs, making Prosun Paul St. chosen to light sunglasses assessment is quite powerful tycoons [glasses] magazine The brand ranking, is the avant-garde index, efficacy, market implementation of the consequences of consuming the awareness and cost analysis of the selection, from 1994 to the present continuous won the honor of the first brands to take the lead in numerous world famous brands. Prosun St. Paul-class team of R & D program, produced by the advanced settings and skilled personnel, coupled with the amateur character grasp, all the glasses from R & D program to produce both been homework and large local body are world patent.SUPER the fall of 2012 the Visiva series consists of difference scheme theme, sunglasses what brand good frame of the plan and the theme of the mirror box packaging integration. Season the first elements of the last century, 70, 80 years beach one after, to see the frames the bikini  female, palm trees, cactus, banana tree, lemon, blue sky and water and other outrageous plan. Picture of the the boreal style beach into the sunglasses into the dopey frames inserted a new element. This series of single items have to start to start the sale of the preferred partner to the SUPER official website acquisition.
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