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Sunday Issues - Post-Election Edition: 9 November 2008

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:51pm

category_bug_politics.gifThis is a special Post-Election Edition of the Sunday Election Issues series that has run weekly here at TGB for several months. There is lot today; I got a bit over-exuberant. Near the bottom of the list is a Message and a Request.

If you’re having trouble decompressing from months of obsessive campaign tracking, not to worry. You won’t have to go cold turkey. There is already an official website from President-Elect Barack Obama where you can follow each and every step of the transition to the new administration.

On the other hand, The Onion has a warning about obsessive Obama supporters [2:39 minutes]:

Now, here are some post-election thoughts from elderbloggers and a couple of others. There is a lot of good reading in this list:

From Mort Reichek at Octogenarian:
Welcome President Obama

From Jan Adams of Happening Here:
Whatever Happened to Prop. 8?

From Gullible at Gullible’s Travels:
Thoughts on the Day After…

From Lois Cochran at Guitar Grandma:
What Just Happened

From Virginia DeBolt at First 50 Words:
I Slept

From Sharry Teague at Embodied Aging:
Yes! Yes! Yes We Can!

From Citizen K:
Yes We Did!

From Sylvia from Over the Hill:
And Now the Hard Work Begins

From Leon Cohen of The Ancient One, Blessed Be He:
It Felt Good...

From Old Woman of 20th Century Woman:
After the Party

Ready to Re-Join the World?


From Lynette Sheppard of Menopause Goddess Blog:
Hope for Menopausal Goddesses and Everyone Else

From Cynthia Samuels of Don’t Gel Too Soon:
Obama’s Victory Garden – Exorcising Days of Rage

From Naomi Dagen Bloom at A Little Red Hen:
Harlem, on THE Night

From joared of Along the Way:
U.S.A. 2008 Historic Election

From James Whaley of Aging and Disability in America:
Change of the Season #1

From Claudia Snowden of Fried Okra Productions:
Recovering from PTSD

From Katie Sherrod of Desert's Child:
Living into the Promise
( Hat tip to Jan Adams of Happening Here )

From "John Brown" of Deer Hunting with Jesus:
Sarah Palin is the Future of Conservatism

From Saul Friedman of Newsday:
It's Time For a New New Deal

From Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post:
Morning in America
(I dare you to read this and not get weepy again.)

A Message and a Request
If the number of comments and email are an indication, many TGB readers have enjoyed and found value in this Sunday compendium of campaign issues and commentary from the media and especially from other elderbloggers.

Now that we have a new president and Congress and if would-be, future presidents will give us a break from their over-eager, overweening ambition, there won’t be a need for it for a couple of years.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of issues to discuss and a government to keep our eyes on, and I am wondering if this feature should continue and if so, in what form or on what topic. It doesn’t necessarily need to be about politics and policy.

It’s not a lot of work for me. During the week, I mark media stories I want to include and collect the elderblogger stories that readers email. Then all I need to do is write some headlines and create the links. In addition to good information and thought, I like encouraging readers to discover other elderblogs they might not otherwise have noticed.

So I’m going to leave it up to you. Do you want this Sunday links post to continue? If so, what should it be about? In what manner should it function? Leave your notes below in the comments and perhaps we’ll arrive at a consensus. Remember that Elder News is reserved for Saturdays.

Global Obama
The U.S. presidential campaign was followed closely throughout the world, election day even more so. The blog Change Your World has collected several dozen photos of celebrations at Senator Obama's election from just about everywhere. Here's one from Paris, France. ( Hat tip to Citizen K )


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