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Summer favorite bag out to the streets

Posted Jan 22 2013 7:16am

Summer favorite bag out to the streets

Sweet honey girls summer will never change their backpack style, with a variety of different styles of clothes, bags

The style change with either hatchback or portable, are amazing diversity and let you gorgeous. Beige soft texture

First Paul, with a white dress appropriately,  mulberry purses
as if the evening dress with more elegance and unique, retro lines so

The overall look more luxurious. Best wearing floral dress with a not so fancy but contain floral elements bag, this

Bags is not only full of stenciling the overall feel more feminine style is also very novel. The large bag is a lot of girls most

Love, regardless of stature height suitable large bags of this pale pink folds, with a different color of the skirt is very soft, capacity

Large is more practical. This pink bag printed grid makes you feel on the grade, the black-and-white striped skirt with overhangs more personalized,

Metal texture of the strap is very unique and personalized. Large bags can show the unruly and wild girl, this soft leather is  mulberry wallet
not only the texture

The bright spots or style leather knot design more detailed sense, with a vest dress shopping choice. This fall and winter

, Fur became a big star of the show floor. Clothing or to shoes and bags, all kinds of colors and materials fur occupation of 2010

Half of the autumn and winter show. If you can not accept a fur coat and boots bloated, it is recommended that you choose a furry

Fur handbags, cold winter like a cute plush partner to accompany you around. Connotation and charm of a woman from

Can get a glimpse of her bag. A package of good or bad, indecent or vulgar, the focus is not on the level of prices, the key is to see whether it

Suitable for you, whether it can make you look "refined" not vulgar, this bag you could have to be bold to have! What

Bag make you look "refined" Xiaobian recommend you  isabel marant shoes
take a look at several pretty package! To exaggeration irregular Plaid Figure

Case Closed rope with large SIZE cute doll department, the trendy artistic sense so Binglinchengxia the! Italian woven design, new

The your style twill gradient color satchel, without high-profile instantly turned elegant Mature! Hippie cowboy hat plus invincible texture complex

Female cattle imported the PU a small satchel of ancient rivet shop for design of metal chains, walking down the street, you seem to come out from the western United States

Aberdeen cool tide! Mavericks the Piga American Casual letters Obscure elegant back Kua dual-use package, let you anytime, anywhere on demand, with

Unparalleled high texture! August prelude Cowboy. Occupy a pivotal position in the fashion industry. This summer

, Denim is swept, broke into the public eye, and more  isabel marant boots
fashion elements. How can you miss this cowboy

Feast? High popularity of denim coveralls pants, denim vest skirt believe that has won the hearts and minds of many people, today recommended more

Single product - an integral part of this summer denim cloth As the saying goes: watch men and women look at the package. So bags plays an important

The role embodies really a woman's taste. The beauty network Clothing you recommend several aristocratic temperament bag, so you one second transfiguration

White Phu My! Classic design, whether hand-held or shoulder bags are very simple and significant grade, coupled with this year's popular painting

Cortex, grade full. Lavender purple the sheepskin Lingge chain shoulder bag, a very beautiful dermis Lingge of small fresh, with a sweater

Is the most appropriate of it! The the very tide sense of a hard pop Combibloc very generous, leopard and fluorescent color stitching fashion sense

Super. A stylish leopard splicing a nice square US package,
metal chain modeling, very extravagance. The domesticated hen edge of a name

Yuan Combibloc metal edging played a very good decorative effect, the eye-catching red metal with the perfect backdrop ladies temperament.

Very retro a Combibloc, fashion Fan full, full of extravagance sense, to attend the banquet or party, let you become the focus of audience.

Fashion Combibloc a nice color stitching, stitching color block style very chronological sense, compact version of the type is very cute.

A bag of ultra-high-end look, very significant identity splicing of different materials is more prominent fashion taste. Bags as a woman

Dotes, is a symbol of a woman's taste, beauty network clothing recommended several fashion tide package, unique style, and never let you

Turned a profit turn heads out to the streets, together Combibloc large collecting! Texture a detached retro red envelope package, matte serpentine elegant design,

Refined gas, a full European style. The rivet shoulder bag, the perfect shape of the three-dimensional fashion, high-capacity package tripling of the top package, metal

Rivet design with a full texture. Bag of holding banquets, fashion temperament, style very atmospheric, full of beauty. Purple elegant

Extravagance, ideal for banquets a clutch.

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