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Suggestions on improving sleep and circulation.

Posted by TimL

My Grandfather has trouble sleeping in a hospital bed- he says it cramps his stomach and he is uncomfortable. he has been sleeping in a wheel chair with pillows on his lap to lay his head on. His legs are not getting the circulation needed and it pains him when we try to walk.

We are trying to improve, keep his circulation in his legs good- but he is unable to sleep comforatbly in the bed- a hsopital be. He puts the head of the bed all the way up and then tries to sleep. He stays there for about an hour and then gets up and wants to go back to the wheel chair to sleep with hi head on pillows in his lap. His legs are straight down on the floor, not elevated and his circulation has become poor in his legs.


Working to locate a compromise in improving his sleep, his circulation and make him comfortable.

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I am not a physician and not knowing your grandfather's medical conditions[s] I can not give you an answer except to discuss this with his physician to try and find out why he prefers the chair.



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