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Suddenly my middel finger turned purple and swollen durring the day. Why did this happen? Should I be worry?

Posted by patzypat79

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If it were my middle finger, yes, I'd worry.  Did you traumatize it?  In other words, bang it on something?  Got it caught in a door jamb or drop something on it?

Do you have Raynaud's phenomena whereby your extremities are very sensitive to cold temperature?  Or did you get caught in the cold and ended up w/frostbite?

Any underlying clotting disorder?  Or medication that might predispose you to clotting, eg estrogen?  Or underlying illness - although typically, illnesses that lead to purplish extremities tend to leave the patient too ill to type.  

Or perhaps atrial fibrillation?  We're usually more concerned about clots sent to the brain, thus leading to strokes but in fact, a clot due to atrial fibrillation can end up just about anywhere. 

Since I can't think of a benign reason for your middle finger (or any, for that matter) to turn purple, I'd suggest going to see your physician immediately.  Good luck! 

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