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Stressful Beginnings, Peaceful and Happy Endings

Posted Nov 17 2008 7:22pm
VENT WARNING! Today started off with a vendor lying to me. Lying sends me over the edge. I am all about shalom in the home and in the workplace, but you do not want to lie to me. I am not nice.

To calm down, I went out for a 30 min. walk/jog and thought I might have flat lined during my fit of rage because my heart rate monitor didn't pick anything up. Fortunately, I lived through it. VENT OVER!

The night ended peacefully and with a little humor, though, with the little one reading me "The Giving Tree" as practice for class reading tomorrow. There's nothing sweeter than hearing that story read by a seven year old. She was very into the shrinking tree and how it gave its wood to the boy-turned-man to build a home for his family. When she reads it a few years from now, she will begin to realize that the story is about unconditional love and generosity. (Either that, or extreme selfishness. It depends on if you see the glass as half full or half empty.)

Then came the humor part: She said that the picture of Shel Silverstein on the back of the book scared her and reminded her of Beano Castro. I am pretty sure she meant Fidel. Can you believe? Shel would not like that association, I am sure. I am a big Shel fan and even have my original copy of "Where the Sidewalk Ends" from the fifth grade. I can assure you that he was not into communism.

Bless you if you've read this far. Now, on to the food.

8 oz. skim milk
1 sugar-free Carnation Instant Breakfast

broccoli w/ cheese
Weight Watchers quesadilla

1 Laughing Cow cheese wedge
Kashi crackers
1 apple w/ peanut butter
100 cal. popcorn

light hot dog
salad w/ balsamic vinegar dressing

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