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Posted Nov 22 2012 6:43am
 Strangers in strange places...   I was walking down an abandoned street. With my son who is only 4 days old.And I notice a stranger walking at a very fast pace I couldn't help but wonder why would someone walk that fast with a baby.... and then the stranger slows down and walks at my pace and says.  Stranger : Hello what time might you have miss. Me: Hello its about a quarter to five.
   Stranger: Thanks very much. Me: Your very welcome. Stranger: Excuse me for asking but where are you from? Me: Excuse me for asking but Why do you want to know? Stranger: I m trying to make conversation An announcement comes on the radio in a car waiting at the light as we walk pass playing very loud.Amber alert for a 4 day old infant snatched write from the mothers hands as she entered the cab the person has on a red jacket and appears to be unnoticed because the person looks like they just had a baby themselves. Make an anonymous call to 911 if you think you have found said person.  Me: (to my self wait this person fits the description wait a minuet all they said was that the person had on a red jacket I have on a red jacket too that is not a good description. Wait that person has a baby in a carrier like the description had implied.. Im gonna call.) I start to walk slower and as i took out my cell phone that I looked at to tell the time to this stranger she pulls out a 9mm and shoots me in my head and I woke up in the hospital and my baby was kidnapped too... Nurse: You will be okay miss. Me: Where is my baby? Nurse:Your baby was stolen the FBI are all over the place looking for yours and the other woman who got her baby stolen too. Me: I was about to call the cops when the lady pulled out the gun on me she must of known I was about to snitch. I never been a person to snitch but all I could think about was my baby.... I should have not even spoke to the lady. Nurse:Thanks to you we have a bullet and the gun was left behind too. Me: Where was the bullet? Nurse: In your head. I m surprised that you can talk right now they open your head up and closed it back up again. Me: I want my precious baby back he didn't do anything to deserve what he is getting.. JESUS where ever my baby is I put him in your hands right now. Wait Nurse I had a flash back she wasn't alone a cab pulled up when I got shot here are the plate numbers 8943J7 Nurse: OK here is a sedative to calm you down. Me: No please I want to be able to hold my baby when he gets here Nurse: I'm afraid you wont be alive to see him. Me : (In heaven) Son where ever you are please never trust anyone and don't talk to strangers and always mind your own business because I was in a strange place at the wrong time.  ( Sometimes the Power to help yourself or someone else for that matter sometimes is out of your hands.)  The End.

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