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Stick with a Purpose for Exercise

Posted Sep 28 2012 3:58pm

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention surveys report 7 out of 10 Americans are not getting enough exercise.  So what is the secret to getting enough physical activity and actually enjoy doing it?

Woman exercising There is a connection between purpose and exercise.  When we tap into that wonderful motivator called purpose , it is our "why" that is fueled by an inner source of motivation that drives its reward from the exercise itself.  The purpose could be to have fun, out live your age group, win a game, win a championship, run a marathon, lose X pounds, walk the dog, mow the lawn, walk the golf course or whatever your motivation to exercise.

To help people find exercise they'll love for a lifetime, Bob Hopper (author of "Stick With Exercise for a Lifetime: How to Enjoy Every Minute of it!") looks at seven best practices used by the most successful exercisers to identify what physical activities works best for each person and how to incorporate them into their regular routine. 

These key principles are:

1.  Focus on fun, first.

2.  Get coaching .  A trust-worthy, respectable and likeable instructor virtually guarantees success at learning a new activity, and can guide talent development for a lifetime.

Woman golfer 3.  Join a team.  Membership in a club or team generally provides not only fellow participants for camaraderie and encouragement, but also regularly scheduled times and locations for participation, making it easier to commit.  It was Woody Allen who said, "Eighty percent of success is showing up."

4.  Protect your time.  Having fixed times for play and practice will help establish the role of exercise in your life and ensure its priority.

5.  Add supplementary fitness.  Improvement in your lifetime sport through a supplementary fitness program means added motivation to stick with that sport...and how to succeed with exercise!

6.  Seek continuous improvement.  Goal setting can encourage continuous improvement and build a passion for a lifetime activity.

7.  Win at championship moments.  Use a set of four mental techniques to get yourself to "just do it" when you are tempted to deviate from your exercise plan.

Source: "Stick With Exercise for a Lifetime: How to Enjoy Every Minute of it!"  ($12.95)

John Agno: Boomer Retirement Life Tips   John Agno: Boomer Retirement Life Tips  ($2.99)

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