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Stern last problem: when stars become the all-star game of tourists

Posted Feb 19 2013 6:55am
Durant said, "it makes me a little miss in those days, a little miss him. I'm glad he was named in the all-star team, especially this session all star is in his home, I really don't want it to disappear too quickly, and he is fun to play together."James want to be the best in the history of recent Michael Jordan speech Cheap Kobe 8 let him and James "has more" - Jordan think kobe is the best player in active service, Bryant than James good reason is that he won the championship of than James, but James yesterday in an interview about Jordan's comment, and not what is not said. "Try to play to their potential and talent, if I can keep it can become the best player in the history of, I don't have to worry about what the experts I row in what position." James said, but he said don't compare yourself with Jordan such legend to compare, "I said I am LJ, not MJ, never again have another Michael Jordan, and I am trying to leave your mark, it won't be another me."Houston's all-star weekend contributed to a rocket legend party on Sunday at noon local time, the rockets held a special treat luncheon, NBA commissioner David stern union representatives to hakeem olajuwon, dikembe mutombo, yao Ming, Calvin murphy, Rudy tomjanovich, Robert horry and Clyde drexler and rocket legend expressed respect. The United States, yao in Houston Kobe 8 Shoes won the honorary citizen and NBA year ambassador honor. In the luncheon speech, yao mentioned his first contact with the NBA's experience. "Almost twenty years ago, the first time I through the television to watch the NBA game. Yao Ming said, "the rockets and the knicks the wheel series impress me. That after some years I in the NBA draft by the rockets selected, always feel this is a kind of fate. When I came to Houston, I deeply feel will never leave the city." This year's dunk contest yao was invited as the judges, here he met his old friend hakeem olajuwon, dikembe mutombo and Rudy tomjanovich, Rudy tomjanovich said his biggest regret is to teach yao time is not long enough. Be worth what carry is, "the Lord of the rings" Russell also when interviewed specially talked about yao Ming. "His NBA 5 years (2006-2007 season), I'll tell him: yao, you played many games. Because he want to play here, will come back to China to play." Russell said, "I said," you can't do that, no matter Kobe 8 Christmas how good your body, you can't play for five years the level of competition, but also do not rest." After yao Ming in the 2007-2008 season played a total of 55 games, 2008-2009 season played 77 games, 2009-2010 season he didn't play a game, 2010-2011 season only played five games, and then choose the retired.Houston all-star weekend, commissioner David stern once again came to the seat, as usual, his side is about from assistant Adam silva. Silva always says now he just quietly the observation and study, in fact this time next year, he will become the alternative stern situation presided over the people. In David stern's tenure, he let the all-star game from originally a union of small activity, become the big event. The city, whether or not has a NBA teams, all to the all star for a host city. At the same time, all star Kobe 8 Christmas For Sale and have a lot of room for improvement, after all, stern has founded the format of the ages, people have begun to aesthetic fatigue. As future helmsman, silva needs a new development, he said the alliance has tried to discuss in overseas held all-star possibility. Thirty years into the big event into the NBA after management, stern experience and the all star, the first is 1976 years of Philadelphia all-star. Eight years later, stern become the President of the union. That is, from the beginning, all star weekend gradually becomes well. In the all-star game, according to his Denver in the ABA (American basketball association) format, increase the Slam Dunk contest. In the true sense of the first Slam Dunk contest is ABA in 1976 also is it in the last years of the all-star game held, the title is Julius irving. And in 1984, the Slam Dunk champion is larry nantes. Two years later, NBA all-star weekend and increased the content of 3 series.
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