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soft side like a snake play jordan 10 sale ah waving like

Posted Oct 09 2012 7:33am
Audience laugh at him: "hey you still play badminton blanket? And Daren show blanket?" Lot of fifth-grade students, said: "whispering sound, our badminton Grading of all test out your people show up blanket? First grade the "Xiaopen Friends!" that derrick rose shoes 2012 children do not feel shy, very proud, first grade children is very sensible, he must think: You see, you see the school to people show up is difficult to participate in the Oh, you see I have participated in, and you look great? I play badminton certainly is a genius! He complacent to go, I thought Zhu will he stopped it, I did not expect Zhu one do not see him, and let him go in vain, he certainly worsen performance.

A program is three the "chrysanthemum boxing classes three girls performing - is another beautiful and slow, a bit like a martial arts operation. I look at their performances did not dare to look at is the boys most hate the kind of style and no substance, chrysanthemum boxing Well, nausea, incredibly, their arms soft side like a snake play jordan 10 sale ah waving like a feather floating ah float see our boys wants vomiting, broken hand and broken legs, because this position is like to fall the same. After they finished performing, Zhu very simply said: "Well, you can go." Judges is a male teacher Zhu Well, not suitable to see this kind of thing.Then, classes a little girl performing a bit like a mentally handicapped sports - table tennis pad ball. Whispering sound, I have breath pad over four hundred people show up above her program can also wow? Her pad out twice, to pad two out, this of course, is a thing of the past. Can not think of Zhu, but then she said: "girl, you stay here awhile." My analysis of this program quietly, at least better than the front of the frog it? In front of that too brutal.The following program is a four classes "solo" solo there are many. Of course, the front two all third grade this down to a fourth-grade course faster than they are woven this solo dazzling, almost see faint. Too fast nor Okay, the audience do not know.
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