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so that cheap nike shox agent every foreigner to understand the history of our

Posted Jan 07 2013 6:22am
Today, the New Year's bell will be sounded, the wheel of history into our most memorable year, our hearts excited and eager, excited that we finally ushered in the start of the Olympic Games, eagerly is how we establish " Pearl of the Orient "image? This is of concern to each and every one of us, the Olympics while you're happy match, we expected to socio-economic development, improve the living environment, can let more people know about our traditional culture, so that our country can give us more people admired the new routes opened up to today China Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, I believe there are a lot of people curious about one of the ancient civilization. Now they are no longer simply in search of gold, but rather from the broader aspects of line to China, China men's nike shox deliver has 1.3 billion people in developing countries. Past, we have less than 1/3 of the world's land raising 22% of the world's population, we create miracles; Today, in the face of the recognition of the world, we recall the history we have taken, we will as one of the action, so that a country is connected to the Olympics, with 08, we can not excited about it?

For the Olympics, we do something about it? From the start bit by bit, to help an old man carts, to make way for others, and the child picked up a toy to help a chirp learn language, replanting, clean environment around. As a middle school student, we advocate a leader of the Olympic spirit, if not for Beijing to do something, but from around the region to proceed, and can also improve the environment. Secondly, we have still a lot to do this, to carry forward our traditional culture, so that more people have a new understanding of our culture, so that cheap nike shox agent every foreigner to understand the history of our five years; participate in sports, exercise body, even if not in person, with the players heart consonance Sabian every corner of the world, let us five thousand years of history. Appreciate their efforts, but also a great support to them, now the most important thing is to study hard and contribute to society, to make contributions to the motherland.
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