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Posted Jan 22 2013 8:51am
the first time after the first on the list. The heat was the second, the lakers are in the third row, the bulls don't reduce popularity, in the fourth. Los Angeles, Nike Air Max 2011 according to local media reports, the Los Angeles lakers coach mike. Anthony think, some players old after they don't want to training, the spirit will also will follow down, but this kind of things did not happen in kobe Bryant (micro bo) body. Kobe Bryant still have praise. Anthony strong sense of competition, but also to a championship, still full of desire - in yesterday's home and Indianapolis team game, kobe Bryant made a surprising game, Nike Air Max 2012 he play with flu also cut down forty points, and the Los Angeles lakers team to get 77 points. But unfortunately, the lakers at the last minute by the pacers juesha. Kobe Bryant in the dressing room after the game the cough badly, he said the ball played very physical consumption, at the same time also admitted that his body state is very bad, "I am tired, very tired, I'm sick... now feel yourself out. "But in the past 17 of the season, kobe Bryant has always been like this, we all know that he is not easily yield, even in the face of all sorts of small injury ailment. The veteran team to victory in order to do their best, but his teammates can't play normal level. Today in an interview with ESPN Los Angeles channel power. Anthony, praised kobe Bryant's determination and sense of competition." Kobe Bryant, some of the things you have to admire, such as the sense of competition, Cheap Nike Air Max and have been that way. ". Anthony said, "when your body is getting old, you will lose spiritual sense of competition. You don't want to training, you will feel tired. You have made a lot of money, in this situation remains very strong sense of competition is difficult to. But Bryant on this kind of thing will not happen, and he had too much competition consciousness, he is too eager to the championship. "Even though he is 34 years old, but the alliance can play the way he level of young players is not much. Kobe Bryant may be about to end his career, Nike Air Max 2011 but he still is considered to be the best in the league players before.. Anthony at the phoenix SUNS and the New York knicks, Bryant often tortured him and his team. Now in Los Angeles,. Anthony side finally have the" black mamba ". In the game against the pacers yesterday, with influenza a kobe Bryant struggled to 44 minutes in his teammates, collective sag position, Peter nearly spell to overdraw. Today, kobe has updated their Facebook, in his book, his face said after the game to stay in bed all day, and at
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