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Short Take on the Health Bill Vote

Posted Mar 22 2010 2:35am

category_bug_politics.gif So they finally passed the health care bill in the House yesterday. The few press stories I've had time to read this morning hail it as “historic” and I suppose, given the decades of failure, it is. But it is so far from what it should be and what it might have been that I don't feel much joy.

Not a single Republican in either house of Congress voted for this bill which means, one must assume, they, as a party and individually, do not believe everyone has a right to health care or that the insurance industry does have a right to mega-profits at sick people's expense or both.

Like many TGB readers, I have written and emailed and telephoned over the past year more times than I can count. I don't believe our efforts had much to do with the outcome. If they had, some Republicans would have voted aye.

The best there is to say is that it's a start. Oh, and I sure did learn a lot about how Congress works or, rather, doesn't. What's your take?

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Johna Ferguson: Magpies

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