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Shopping for a Real Estate Agent

Posted Feb 12 2010 2:35am

When looking for a real estate agentI do interviews. I want to know their experience in the marketget a sense of how they operate and I most definitely want to hear some enthusiasm for helping me find a home.

The biggest problem when I began house shopping here in PortlandMainewas making a choice among agents because all the half dozen I spoke with seemed to be just right. The one I selected is now selling this apartment for me and I would think agents would keep that in mind.

So far I've spoken with eight agents in PortlandOregon and none of them will do. One woman said she thought she might be able to check online listings for me. Huh? I can – and expect to - do that.

Another told me that there wasn't much to be had in my price range in the neighborhoods that appeal to me. I know that's not true; I've checked out a couple of hundred already and marked a dozen I'd like to know more about.

All eight of these agents sounded like they weren't much interested one way or the other in having me as a clientand none made an effort to sell me on signing with them.

Very frustrating and given the housing market these dayssurprising. I suppose they are all looking for that million-dollar-home client but the reality isthey'll make their living on a lot of smaller deals.

Remember yesterday when I told you posting at TGB would be sketchy during this moving project? Today is one of those days. With all the workmen here yesterday (a great bunch of talented young men who are fun to be with)tracking down more real estate agents to callmeeting with the condo insurance agent and a couple of other condo issues to field (why do these things happen all at once?)there wasn't much time to devote to TGB.

Thank god for Saul Friedman and Peter Tibbles who will have posts of more substance for you on Saturday and Sunday. I know you will show your appreciation in the comments.

At The Elder Storytelling Place todayLyn Burnstine: Memory Piece

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