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See Jason Smith on NFL Fantasy Live, airing Sundays at 11:30 a.m. ET on the Red Zone Channel

Posted Nov 09 2011 9:44am
10. Carson Palmer v. Denver: I know, you thought Tim Tebow was going to be the guy in this game. Forget it. Palmer’s had an extra week to learn more than the 15 plays he did for his debut. Opposing Saints jerseys QBs have an average rating of 107.2 against the Broncos. Denver has allowed 14 TD passes and has just three INTs on the year. Palmer should have a nice day to the tune of 200-plus yards and two TDs.See Jason Smith on NFL Fantasy Live, airing Sundays at 11:30 a.m. ET on the Red Zone Channel, and Tuesday-Friday on Dolphins jerseys NFL Network at 2 p.m. ET and 12 a.m. ET/9 p.m. PT. He writes fantasy and other NFL pith on daily. Talk to him on Twitter @howaboutafresca. He only asks you never bring up when the Jets play poorly. Can any team stop Aaron Rodgers and that Packers offense? It's a damn good question, with the lean always being towards the "N" side of the Yes-No Vikings jerseys spectrum.Is it possible? Yes. Stopping any offense is possible. First it's a matter of how, and second, whether a team has the parts to fulfill the "how."To stop Rodgers is to limit his strengths, while thwarting coach Mike McCarthy's plan. Both assignments are tough, considering Rodgers is mobile, has a good arm, can throw a grape through a peephole, and makes good decisions. The Packers quarterback makes the most out of his uncanny discernment with a compact release. Call it the non-Tebow. Meanwhile, McCarthy is rivaled only by Saints coach Sean Payton as the best playcaller in the NFL.The Packers have a death grip on the No. 1 spot. But who's behind them? Elliot Harrison Patriots jerseys tries to sort out Nos. 2-32. More ... How do you stifle the Pack attack? How does a team realistically stop Rodgers, Greg Jennings, Jermichael Finley, and the guys running around in green and gold tights? Follow these six steps:a. Confuse Rodgers' decision-making processb. Be unpredictable and unorthodox enough to deemphasize the strength of McCarthy's playcalling abilityc. Take away Rodgers' best weapond. Control the line of scrimmage with fresh legs and the right fronte. Blitz sparingly: quality, not quantityf. Don't watch Rodgers' eyes. Cover the zone assigned, and let the chips fall where they mayIf I were Chargers defensive coordinator Greg Manusky this weekend, or any other DC, these are the tactics I would employ. Let's examine each: lintingting/blog201111
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