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Samsung AA-PL9NC2B Adapter

Posted Aug 11 2012 10:48am

I’m happy to splurge on personal technology and buy the most expensive system with the best spec sheet and optional features  Samsung AA-PB9NC5B Battery , but never when it comes to notebook bags and backpacks. The way I see it, a cheap bag holds my laptop just as well as an expensive one. And while the convenience of added pockets or the appeal of a sturdy zipper is not lost on me, I’ve always thought my money is better spent on more RAM or other features that makes the system better  AA-PB9NC6B Battery .

So it’s with that preconception I approach the OGIO Renegade RSS laptop bag, which, if not the top of the line, is near it as evident by its $160 price tag and OGIO’s reputation as your boss’s golf/ laptop/ travel bag brand of choice  Samsung AA-PB9NC6W .

                  Samsung AA-PB2NC3B Battery


At a glance, t’s obvious the OGIO Renegade RSS is a quality item, but is it quality enough to justify its premium price? Read this full laptop backpack review to find out.OGIO got its start with hard-shell and sleek street-bike bags, and that aesthetic carries over to its Renegade RSS backpack  Samsung AA-PB9NS6B  Adapter  . It comes in one color, black, and sports red and grey accents with very few superfluous design elements, sans the occasional OGIO logo.

The exterior is a combination of 840 denier junior ballistic polyester and 600 denier polyester  Samsung AA-PB9NS6W , which basically means it’s as tough as travel luggage or a suit case (the number refers to the number of threads per inch, with higher numbers reflecting higher qualities; junior ballistic is essentially a lighter version of “senior ballistic,” which is found in body armor). So it’s tough, and I don’t expect any rips or tears, even with constant abuse  Samsung AA-PL9NC2B  Adapter  .

The stitching is also very tough and none of it is exposed. After two long international trips, one demanding tradeshow lugging approximately 10 pounds of gear  AA-PL9NC6B , and more than 100 miles biking to and from work, I noticed only the slightest tugs on the strap stitching. I’ve had cheaper bags (like the kind they pass out to reporters at tradeshows) have outright ripped following similar abuse  Samsung AA-PL9NC6W .

The OGIO Renegade features five front-facing and dual zippered compartments  Dell 312-0207 Battery , two zippered compartments on each side (four total), and one hard-shell zippered compartment on top reserved primarily for glasses. None of the zippers has yet to stick or break, and they all feature a combination of either extended metal and plastic tabs or tabs with sturdy nylon pulls  Dell 312-0210 Battery .

The adjustable dual yoke-style shoulder straps also feature an expandable zippered nylon pocket, which OGIO touts for cell phones (though I found it too small for my BlackBerry Curve and 4.3-inch HTC Thunderbolt) as well as an adjustable (vertically and horizontally) clipping sternum strap for extra, and often-times needed, support  Dell D951T .

Of course, the Renegade is a laptop bag, and as such has a dedicated laptop compartment that OGIO claims can fit most 17-inch notebooks. I don’t doubt it  Dell F681T  Adapter  , as I was able to fit a 17-inch MacBook Pro with room to spare, though the stiff compartment is a bit too snug and thin for older notebooks. Indeed, my work-provided Dell is just under an inch and half thick (it’s also eight years old), and it just barely fits. That said, I also used the compartment for my iPad plus a keyboard case, it was tight enough to keep the jostling to a minimum  Dell HC26Y

The laptop compartment has two features that really set it apart from the cheap bags, at least I my view  Dell M15X6CPRIBABLK Battery . First, it’s lined with red screen friendly-fabric with light foam padding, and it features a suspension system that absorbs shock and protects the laptop in the case of accidental bag drops. I would not check this laptop-loaded bag with TSA on my next flight, but it might be the first that I would actually expect my laptop to come back in piece thanks to the protection  Dell M15X9CEXIBATLK .

The red screen-friendly fabric also lines the hard glasses compartment, making it acceptable for unprotected specs storage , as well as an iPad/tablet/eReader pocket in the second section from the front 
. The main section is a tad bit small for such a large bag (the glasses compartment juts in from the top and takes up space)  Dell SQU-722  Adapter  , and I have just enough room for my gym clothes and sneakers. When overstuffed, the main compartment warps the tablet pocket, making it difficult to slide in a rigid and flat device  Dell SQU-724 Battery .

Of course, there are various panels, pockets and straps in the other segments, with handy-dandy device icons serving as OGIO’s gear storage suggestions. At first I had trouble filling them all, but eventually found use and now I don’t know how I ever traveled without my antacids  Dell 0C852J Battery , aspirin, three pens, two smartphones, netbook, mouse, tablet, magazines, Kindle, light change of clothes, DSLR, Snickers candy bar, water bottle, tissues, wallet, glasses, passport, and no fewer than three device chargers; all of which I actually all took on my last flight abroad  Dell 0F310J .

A challenger to competing suites from players like Symantec, McAfee and Kaspersky, Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 is priced at $69.99 for a three-PC license. The 2012 edition of the suite features a new, ultra-modern user interface (UI) with an optional Autorpilot feature for "silent protection," and other new security capabilities  Dell 312-0944 C852J .

The bread-and-butter offerings in Bitdefender's security software line-up include the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus suite (3 PCs/$49.99) and the full Internet security suite we're reviewing here today. Bitdefender's Internet Security suite offers three major additions over the antivirus suite: anti-spam tools, a two-way firewall, and parental controls  Dell F310J  Adapter  . Although parental controls are an essential feature of Internet Security type suites for many users, not all competitors include them. (Take VIPRE, for example.)

Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 is not to be confused with a third product, Bitdefender Total Security 2012 (three PCs/$79.95), which adds features such as chat and file encryption, tune-up  Dell H134J Battery , and online backup.

The installer in Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 takes care of downloading the latest files from Bitdefender's servers  Dell BTYAVG1 . The download amounts to about 100MB, which is normal for an Internet security suite. It takes just a few minutes over a standard cable Internet connection. Once downloaded, the installation takes another few minutes. In other words, there's nothing unusual here  Dell 90NITLILD4SU1 Battery .

The user interface (UI) has been completely redesigned for the 2012 edition, and it's a welcome improvement  Dell 906C5040F  Adapter  . Bitdefender went for the ultra-modern look and pulled it off well. The UI is intuitive enough, although there is a bit too much info displayed for my liking.

The new UI also adds an optional Autopilot feature, which sets the program to default levels for "silent protection." However, there's also lots of flexibility for those who prefer to do their own configurations  Dell 90NITLILG2SU1 , You can change firewall settings, enable or disable intrusion detection, and set the anti-virus and anti-spam engines to run in modes ranging from "aggressive" to "permissive," for example.

You can manage various parts of the program by clicking through the categories in the center of the screen  Dell 906C5050F .

Most people start reading at the top left and that's precisely where the overall status is displayed in the Bitdefender suite. Green means good to go.In the 2012 edition  Dell 908C3500F Battery , Bitdefender's Search Advisor can show advance warnings of potentially risky Web sites in your Google or Big search results  Dell 90-NFY6B1000 Battery . The new edition also lets you filter links received on Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye on your privacy settings.

Other new features include rescue mode, for scanning and disintecting hard drives outside of the operating system (OS)  Dell 90NFV6B1000Z , along with a new virtualized browser, designed to sandbox the browser from the OS if you are visiting a Web site which you suspect might contain malware.Parental controls are the number one feature that make an Internet security suite worth more in price than a basic anti-virus suite  Dell 90-NFY6B1000Z Battery .

Bitdefender's parental controls allow parents to set a number of pre-set defaults by age group  Dell BATFT10L61  Adapter  . The controls allow for disabling certain applications (such as games) from launching, or for restricting access to those applications based on a schedule that you determine, for example.

The parental controls can be fine-tuned down to the keyword level. For instance  Dell BATEL80L9 , you can block your child from visiting a Web site -- or from receiving an e-mail or an instant message (IM) -- containing certain words or phrases.

Should Intel  Dell 90-NFV6B1000Z , with its many large semiconductor manufacturing facilities, put some of its spare capacity to work making chips for others? The question has the immediate response of "no way," but it's a more complex question than that.

In the world of semiconductors, Intel is a rarity in that it makes its own chips  Dell BATE80L6  Adapter  . Most of its competitors don't. AMD, Nvidia, Marvell, Broadcom, and Qualcomm are all multibillion dollar chip companies that don't make a single piece of silicon. They outsource the manufacturing to third-party foundries, the largest being the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. or TSMC  1ZS070C Battery .

And there has been plenty of complaining about TSMC by its customers. Both AMD and Nvidia are customers of TSMC  Dell 312-1242 , and for years they have struggled to get enough graphics parts to meet demand. When TSMC migrated to 40nm and 28nm manufacturing, it spent months trying to get yields up to demands, driving AMD and Nvidia crazy in the process  Dell M5Y0X  Adapter  .

So it's not too surprising that the CEO of a fabless chip designer would publicly call upon Intel, the world's largest chipmaker, to open up some of its manufacturing capacity to other firms  IBM ASM 92P1128 Battery . That it came from Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is surprising, since the acrimony between Intel and Nvidia is so strong  ASM 92P1130  Adapter  .

But it seems Huang is willing to give Intel a little of his money. Forbes reports Huang suggested Intel go into the foundry business. "Why not be a foundry for all the mobile companies? There’s no shame in that," he said IBM FRU 42T4502  Adapter  .

He specifically said Intel should produce ARM-based system-on-a-chip processors from Apple, Broadcom, Nvidia  IBM 92P1127 , Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and more. Given Intel has been trying for several years to compete with ARM with its Atom processor, one would think Intel would have nothing to do with that.

And one would be right. "The primary focus of our technology and manufacturing continues to be on providing competitive advantage for Intel products and platforms  IBM FRU 92P1129  Adapter  ," said Jon Cavill, a spokesman for the company.

However, he did offer this bit of hope. "We have a small nascent foundry business today and it’s very much in its early stages of growth  LENOVO L08S4X03 . We’re taking a slow and deliberate approach in building our offerings in this area."

Don't dismiss it, because nothing is impossible in this industry, argues Tony Massimini, chief of technology with Semico Research. "There have been rumors about Intel doing this  LENOVO L08S7Y03 Battery . Whether there's substantiation to it is hard to say. I can imagine some folks on the Atom side being upset with that. But at the same time they have lots of capacity available," he said.

Intel has the capacity thanks to all of its fabrication plants and thanks to turning its own CPUs into an SoC  LENOVO ASM 42T4545  Adapter  . "They have a lot of well-amortized manufacturing sitting around now that they've integrated a lot of chipset functions in the processor. So Intel has all this idle functionality that is cutting edge for everyone else," he said.

           Samsung AA-PB2NC3B AC Adapter/Charger


But there are lots of question marks. Would Nvidia, which has no love lost for Intel, actually give it money to manufacture Tegra chips  LENOVO 42T4651 ? And if Intel plays favorites and works with companies that are less threatening, that could bring anti-trust scrutiny Intel doesn't want  IBM 92P0999 .

"It would be a major business decision and it's more that than just technology," said Massimini. "When you go into the foundry business, you have to manage all these different customers. What Jen-Hsun said is not as off the wall as it sounds  IBM 92P1000 Battery . Take it with a grain of salt but don’t write it off 100 percent."

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