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right hand has been numb for the last 2 days

Posted by parisdice

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Several different possibilities come to mind.


1) carpal tunnel syndrome - pressure at the wrist can compress the median nerve such that your thumb, index & middle fingers are numb & tingly.

2) radial and/or ulnar nerve injury can cause numbness in the hand

3) damage to the brachial plexus (shoulder & neck area) might cause some numbness

4) spinal cord damage in the cervical (neck) region might cause numbness

5) stroke (brain damage) can also do this

6) long term poorly controlled diabetes can lead to numbness

7) lack of some vitamins & minerals can lead to peripheral neuropathy

8) some meds, such as water pills (diuretics), can upset your salt & mineral balance, leading to numbness


As you can see, it's imperative that you get evaluated by your family physician immediately.  Good luck! 

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