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Reuters quoted two declined to disclose the identity

Posted Oct 20 2012 3:18am
of the insiders as saying the White House earlier this year, had completed an investigation, did not find any conclusive evidence that Huawei engaged in any espionage activities through product manufacturing and export of Chinese telecom companies Huawei . " These insiders said, "We know that some government departments do hope to find evidence Huawei spying activities, if at all, we would have found.

Reported that insiders, this secret survey commissioned by the White House by the help of U.S. intelligence agencies and other government departments, the investigators studied in-depth report on suspicious activity, asked in detail about the nearly 1000 telecom equipment buyers. After more than 18 months of assessment, the White House concluded that there are other aspects of the risk depends Huawei, such as the vulnerability of the Huawei equipment may be used by hackers, but it was unclear these vulnerabilities are deliberately designed or simple system defects .
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Reuters said that this White House Huawei favorable survey report early this year, but it has not been disclosed to the outside world. White House National Security Council spokesman declined to comment on the reports. The Huawei company spokesman said Huawei and without the knowledge of the White House this investigation, but not engaged in espionage on Huawei's findings as no surprise

BBC 18 commented that, if the above is true, is equal to the outside world two diametrically opposite conclusion  women shoes nike air max 24 7 cheap s for Huawei investigation report obtained from the official U.S.. U.S. 8th of this month released a report, it is recommended that the government does not approve Huawei and ZTE's business in the United States merger, and called on U.S. officials and civil equipment with the products of the two   nike air max 1 for sale sale companies not to buy, so as not to "open the back door for espionage.
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