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Retaining snow messenger the divine body care

Posted Oct 25 2012 12:02pm
Because he remembered just uncle said retaining snow messenger possessed body care, and most of this group of people in front of that is retaining snow messenger.
Small front like a long time did not fight, think about all of the moves in my mind, find it is not suitable at this time to fight back, the dimension have picked up a snow-ming, legs straining a push, two slips from the ground flew instantly retirement will fall on the roof of the two men behind the originally surrounded at their affluent blur. looked at the roof of the small front where surrounded by the crowd, looked at portable roof and beauty apparently even he is surprised at their own speed.
The small front has been the envy of the Wu Zheng, Yang Zixiong their speed advantage, and now his speed and finally get up to this speed is probably more than Wu Zheng they built misty swordsmanship speed summoned up the courage.
Xiaofeng own strength pushed the space-time transfer of the surgery, so he was very satisfied with small front has been not used to the legendary occupy the power of others, so that he felt no sense of accomplishment, Xiaofeng Wu Zheng also do not want to chase footsteps learn Piaomiao swordsmanship learn ethereal sword in any case, because he felt that he was better than Wu Zheng step too late.
And his own over the years into the thunder and lightning comprehend, naturally transferred by a space-time of surgery can move a just, so many years have passed, and he did have thunder and lightning in the pursuit of the goal to forget the thunder and lightning, he has done is to use the magic inch butterfly taught space-time wear edge magic secret, the swordsmanship of moves Langkawi there the power of his own insight.
Think of these small front do not sigh, seemed to understand their own in the end what should be done in general right now to do is how to avoid retaining snow messenger this, it seems that only can be solved by running away with speed, but these retaining snow messenger to do?
Carefully looked visible these Lvpao messenger entire twenty people, they look confused, but lost in not with any expression of thinking, very strange which a lean retaining snow angels, right arm strapped Hongjin the vicinity of twenty chieftains just twenty actually a long time to keep a confused look, small front do not know what they want to do in the end.
Like to ask Snow Ming, was surprised to find she bent leaning on the shoulders, eyes closed Xiaofeng nerve to wake her, we take care to think of it.
Retaining snow messenger the divine body care, but that in the end is what kind of supernatural power? Cheap nfl jerseys once to a Tibet to study and comprehend north face pink ribbon where the secret of longevity surgery. Later, we gradually guessed fact, the secret of longevity surgery polymerization of force. snowy away from Tibet is extremely close to retaining snow messengers likely polymerization of force.
The past few years, the small front gradually realized that the aggregated power of the scene appeared in all corners of the country, the same time, small front found chutang a once isolated existence where possession has the power of aggregation giant butterfly.
Has also been isolated flower water, flower water has aggregated power of most people is front followed should be the home of Wu Zheng. Lingtian Nan, Wu Zheng, Xu snow polymerization of force or the relationship. Do polymerization of force pooled to cheap north face jackets finally become isolated it? while isolated after
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