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recorded the nike shox tl3 sale smiling faces of our youth and just want

Posted Dec 26 2012 7:18am
The yellowed photos as my yellowed memories - fuzzy.Point of view from the photos I am a girl of 4 and 5 years old size, two neatly tied with two croissants braid. Also with red ribbon wrapped around the head and shoulders Da elderly, a pair of fat hands clung to the neck of the elderly. Elderly tunic, wearing a pale wash my hand Holding the back, a hand-held candy. Go down to the point of view that the elderly face many vicissitudes moment sounded happiness. Looking at the picture, and brought back the hearts of warmth and happiness, brought back nike shox o'leven sale many memories of childhood's most beautiful. Now they just want to know: Grandpa, are you getting there bad? In junior high school, beg and plead and finally persuaded the parents go digital the scouring MP4 with photographic kind of take it, and then has been taking lots of pictures.

Kacha, photographed the scene we sweat in the playground.Kacha, photographed the appearance of self-study courses to seriously study the class.Kacha, captured a picture of us on the streets in droves Amoy things.Kacha, Kacha, recorded the nike shox tl3 sale smiling faces of our youth, and just want to open the album a few years later, I can recall my friends and I spent together youth.I remember the early 2, Tintin: slim, you say we are not particularly poor, ah, all the time on study, who said the youth is very brilliant, he'll try lying on my desk? I said: "Boy, do not be depressed, bitter past few years enough time to get it back." Unfortunately, when we are youthful thrown in the back. "And then turned around to continue fighting for, then I no words. Kid next year today you longer so melancholy, I count you have the ability. The last day of the college entrance examination, I and a few friends outside the examination room a sister.
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