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Recognizing Pin Worms?

Posted by ClarabelleCow

How do you recognize pin worms? How do you know if you are clear of pin worms?
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Pinworm infections are very common.  Here are a few ways to check for symptoms of a pinworm:

1.  Watch for signs of itching near the anal area.  The area could be reddened due to scratching.  This is one of the major indications of a pinworm infestation.

2.  Check sleeping habits, are you more restless than usual?  Pinworms cause restless sleep due to painful skin irritation around the anal area.

3.  Check for evidence of pinworms.  You might be able to spot them around the anal area at night with a flash light.  Pinworms look like thin stings that are yellowish or white.   

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