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Possible causes for excessive daytime napping in the elderly?

Posted by jianf

Dear Sir or Madam, I am trying to find out more about possible causes for excessive daytime napping in the elderly?  My father who is well over 80 - I can see when we are talking via Skpe and a hooked up video camera, that one minute he is talking to me and within seconds has dozed off - only to woken when his wife Brenda shouts at him, he and I then speak for a minute or so more and he dozes off again!  In fact last week Brenda told me he actually fell off his chair when he dozed off and leaned on the arm of the chair too heavily, he's quite a big man and this obviously isn't at all good at his age.

 What I was wondering is could there be any underlying causes for this that might be alleviated at least with nutritional supplements or even a therapeutic bracelet to increase circulation?  Any information you have that might shed more light as to possible causes would be so much appreciated.   Many thanks - Wendy. 

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