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Please note

Posted Jul 01 2013 7:38am

I do not know whether they are the primary players of your eyes, my playtime almost 1,500 time, of which more than GW2 Gold spent on the ah.
Rs PTR hosting server has been modified 1.08 spot this morning, and formally declared the update record.

Please note, however, that the present PTR momentarily unable to getting, and the encounter edition wide variety and spot record edition wide variety is not yet consistent the PTR analyze still does not formally begin. Players can now talk about or use the Guide of Cain Kane to a one-time recognition of all Rs products, the Guide of Cain is situated near the shared storage box. The purgatory problems replacement in towns outside cooldown decreased to 30 seconds from 60 a few moments.Full-screen screen technique, it clip settings choice to lock the pointer, the pointer will be locked on the encounter show.

In multi-player activities, when the team players when encountered the Elite creatures or goblins, the program will beep and will show the corresponding place in the little map. In inclusion, when players and creatures, top level creatures or goblins battling, players towns senki idea symbol.Fixed a beast in the gamer before the attack the pet or mercenaries attack without triggering success. Along with choose problems, beast durability and mission, players can now by following tag search game: Buy GW2 Gold brand, task, the several, and key guarded. Players can now right-click to add a note to a buddy.

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