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Please Help. I am worried about parents health

Posted by crazyyrite

My parents health is really starting to worry me and im not sure what to do.

My mom is 45 yrs. old and is unable to afford health insurance. She cant go to a regular doctor because of this. Instead she goes to a free clinic. This clinic is very frustrating. The clients only get appointments once every 3 months and if you need in sooner its like pulling teeth. And when she does get appointments they will not help you unless you are bleeding.

My mothers symptoms are: Diharrea, Frequent Unrination, Achy Knees, Back and feet pain, swollen ankles.


My dad is a different story...

He is 50 yrs. old. 

He has very minimal coverage but manages to go to a doctor once a month. However his doctors arent much different.

His symptoms are very very tender legs and achy leg bones.


Please any help would be GREATLY GREATLY appreciated.

Its to the point where neither of them can even stand up without EXTREME pain.



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