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phlegm in chest

Posted by deeg

-- my father is 81 yrs old and has a chest infection for the past  6 months. He is constantly spitting up phlegm - my mother says it smells bad and the his room now smells like vomit. He had triple by-pass surgery 23years ago, has RA (though I think it is burned out) and seems to have lost interest in his life. He lives in Ireland and we can't seem to get anyone to properly diagnose - he will undergo all these expensive tests with no diagnosis.  Any help is appreciated.
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I"m not a physician and it seems your father has been to a physician.  It must be hard to be so far away - can you find a social servce agency/person close to him who could see him and talk to him - he may be depressed and/or in need of an advocate who can help him and help navigate the medical system there.  Social workers are good at this but I have no knowledge of the social service in Ireland.  Do you?  Or can you find a neighbor or friend there who can help you find someone?  I hope this helps.



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