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Pecans – the right path to health

Posted Dec 03 2012 10:54am

North America and Mexico have provided one of the best nuts in the world called the pecan. It is greatly used since colonial times and was an all-time favorite. People had easy access to gathering the whole pecans and their shells were easy to break. The pecan adds a lot of flavor to a diet which was once considered bland and boring. The first mentioning of the pecan is in the 16 th century. This tree is the solo nut tree which is original from North America and has its natural habitat there. It is also a really valuable species. The Native Americans said that the whole pecans were really easy to break and all you needed was a simple rock.

During autumn, the pecan has become a food source for the natives in both the tribes that are in Mexico and the US. This means that the recipes were vast and the ways they used them were creative. Also the Native Americans used to produce a licorice from this nut. The ones who started planting pecan trees and cultivating them massively were the Spanish colonists. After sixty years, the US colonists started their own plantations. In the 1700s, the pecan tree was really famous and people started to plant it in their gardens. Important personalities like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had this tree in their back yard.

Thewhole pecansare known for they dietary importance. Eating pecans every day will protect the nervous system. Researchers have done studies on animals and have proven that vitamin E is a key element in the pecan. This vitamin helps with neurological problems. There are many nutrients and antioxidants found in the pecan and they give the right protection against damaging of cells. It has been proven that the consumption of pecans may reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer and Parkinson. Pecans are also great when it comes to cholesterol. They have all that healthy fats which will lower the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Other researches have shown that a handful of whole pecans will protect against the unwanted process of oxidation which happen to the blood lipids. In this way heart disease will no longer be a problem. The University of Georgia stated that pecans have great abilities to keep the cholesterol under control. Also there is enough evidence to state that pecans help in problems of losing weight. Besides this it will maintain the level of weight loss as it increases the metabolic rates and the person will feel full after eating a handful of pecans.

The pecans are a great asset for health and they should be consumed by people of all ages. It is true that there are so many recipes in which they can be used, so if someone does not like them raw, they have further possibilities to eat and benefit from their good qualities. It is easy to enjoy all the properties of these nuts and people will most likely enjoy the whole idea of being able to feast with such delicacies.

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