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Paul injury not optimistic without fear of continue to teammates wish commander quick return

Posted Jan 26 2013 1:19am
A recent period of time, Paul injury. Right knee injury let him before has missed three away games. At present, his situation is still not optimistic, in the daily observation list. Next, the clippers and war including 10 road. Nike Air Penny 5 Most games this season, Paul are team leading scorer. Crawford admit, Paul to the clippers absence affect huge, "Paul is our commander, on the pitch, he organized all things. No one can replace him. Now, we can do is more closely together." The clippers coach Negro to Paul when to also have no confidence, "Chris (Paul) will continue to miss, I hope he can return to earlier every day now need to monitor his situation." Tomorrow, the clippers will be against the sun, Negro said Paul will miss this. And thunder game, griffin cut down 31 points, 11 rebounds, crawford also had 14 respectively. Griffin hope teammates don't so hurt and confidence, "they are the league first, but we have no reason to because they were down in the dumps."The local time Wednesday Forbes, announced the latest NBA teams value list. Data showed that the average NBA30 team is now worth $509 million, in addition has 2 teams are worth more than $1 billion, respectively is the knicks and the Los Angeles lakers. The knicks to $1.1 billion in all of the team, and last year in the top ranked first lakers this year it for $1 billion in the second row. One year ago, the knicks is now worth $780 million, and within 1 year time the market value of the team has gone up 41%, a stunning $1.1 billion. This is the knicks again since 2011 in the first list. Cheap Nike Air Yeezy 2 In 2011, when the knicks is now worth $655 million. Is also a year ago, the lakers is now worth $900 million; This year the lakers although introduced Dwight Howard and Steve Nash and superstar, but the team's record is not ideal, so the lakers are rising faster the market value of the partial slow. This year they is now worth $1 billion a second place, it is important to note that the knicks and the Los Angeles lakers is the history of only two breakthrough value $1 billion NBA teams. In fact, NBA teams average value as high as $509 million, up 30% compared with last year. Row third on the list is the bulls, their value is $800 million, and 2012 bulls's market value is $600 million. The celtics in the market value of the fourth row, and ranked fifth is the mavericks, row in the sixth is the defending champion Miami. Chinese fans care about the rockets in the seventh list last summer team has introduced the chinese-american control WeiLin book house last season and best sixth man James haddon. At present the rockets is now worth $568 million, the team benefit from $27 million, or even more than the celtics and Miami. In 2012, the rockets is now worth $453 million, this means that this year the rockets growth of $115 million, but did not change ranking. Michael Jordan's bobcats in the market value of the $315 million behind all the team's reciprocal second place, but it is important to note that although the charlotte bobcats last season in NBA history lowest losing, but this year the team's income as much as $13 million. Cheap Nike Air Yeezy And the last one row in the list is the bucks, their value is $312 million, and $500000 profit is ranked last. In the past 1 year, NBA30 team all realize the profit.Local time on Thursday afternoon the New Orleans hornets will hold a special news conference. At the appointed time, the hornets team will announce officially renamed the pelican. In addition, the hornets will also announced new main color and team mark. It is reported, pelican, the team's season in 2013-14 official use. Tom Benson in April 14, 2012 formally from the alliance to buy the hornets, and at the same time, he promised the hornets will continue to stay in New Orleans, And in a month ago, "yahoo sports news reports the New Orleans hornets may have changed. A source says, the team new main color is blue and gold and red. Was renamed the pelican, because it is the state of Louisiana state bird and environmental symbol. The birds in the state of the image can be seen everywhere, even in the state on the seal. It is important to note that as early as in 1887-1959 and 1977, in the New Orleans area 1 branch is called the pelican's baseball team, this is the hornets new boss one of the favorite team. Interesting is to expose the hornets will be renamed the pelican, suffered many NBA legend, active players and hornets fans criticism. ESPN name mouth Henry - ridicule Albert. "this is a no athletic ability, only by mouth big famous big bird." And Miami superstar dwyane wade is more direct, he said: "this is the worst name, that's too terrible." And Miami another big superstar lebron James said: "this sounds not pleasing to the ear, and the team don't fit." The hornets will play a video to explain why the team final renamed pelican. Similar is in 2008, when the Seattle supersonics moved to Oklahoma and renamed the thunder was also the question quite a lot, but now thunder team is the NBA's most concern is one of the team. Nike Air Yeezy 2 Shoes The hornets in 1988 officially join the NBA, at that time the team city is charlotte, but as a result of poor management and attendance falling and other reasons, in 2002 moved to the New Orleans hornets. And in two years later, in 2004, the charlotte bobcats formally established earlier, bobcats boss Michael Jordan said if the hornets incognito word, he will consider the team name to charlotte hornets. A source says charlotte in the near future will do a detailed market research in order to decide whether or not to rename.
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