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Parents need to move out of home, HELP!!!

Posted by Kate

My parents are 84 and 86.  Dad needs a knee prelacement, but the Surgeon is saying no, due to age, frail, and blood clotting issues.  Thererfore he is usin a cumbersome walker and is constant pain.  My wee mother waits on him hand and foot.

They live in a small very cluttered bungalow, I call it "organized hoarding".  Not dirt, but stuff piled all over [not to the extreme of these shows].  Dad has fallen over due to manouevering around stuff.  In fact Dad has fallen alot and makes about 2-3 visits a year to the hospital with poor Mum pulling him along.

His useless Doctor says he cannot make them move, but then he hears what they tell him and Dr Guy has never had someone visit the house.  I have no brothers , sister, but me and my hubby and 2 kids.  They have their own lives.  My mother has us fill up the car and check the air pressure , she does not know how.

We are leaving Nov to Florida for 5 can I leave them,  I need to know who or what person/agency in Ottawa, Ontario, can come into the house and evaluate this and possibly convince them to throw stuff out and sell, and move to a nice retirement unit and enjoy their few years without worry and FALLING!!   If Mum gets sick, they are both cooked. 

Thank you

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I'm sorry to hear all this.  I do not live in Canada but I think if you call your most local politician[s]or social service agencies you can get the information you are seeking.

If you are not sure who to call - I suggest you use Google for finding the Provincial services nearest you.

Or maybe a Canadian member here has suggestions?


Im so sorry for that, dear!

When I used to live in Florida, my mom needed services becAUSE she could no longer walk and eat alone . I'd been relocating every month, so I moved my mom in a assisted living facility. You could choose to move her in either a nursing home or an assisted living facility. You can also ask help from your relative/s and friend/s who are willing to look after your mom when you are far away

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