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Our favourite toys 33: Mattel electronic football game

Posted Apr 11 2010 2:29pm

                                              Mattel_football_game Dan Cosley   

I was a huge fan of the Mattel electronic football game and spent a very long time playing with it when I was 8 years old. One day, my sister and one of her friends took it into the bathroom because you could "see it better"... and dropped it into the toilet.  Disaster, but my parents replaced it with a Merlin game, which was not nearly as much fun, although I wound up playing with it a fair amount. 

                                 Merlin2 DanCosley
At any rate, 28 years later, my wife, who remembers everything and must have heard me tell a story about it sometime, saw that Mattel had re-released it and bought it for me as a Christmas present. This may be the most thoughtful gift I've ever gotten and certainly one of the most surprising, and I still play with it now and again.

Many thanks to Dan Cosley (NY, USA)

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