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Our favourite toys 32: Being outdoors

Posted Apr 07 2010 5:26am

What a great idea! Your request certainly got me thinking.

It had me reminiscing about my childhood and there were probably different favourites at different times. Although a new Raleigh bike has particularly strong associations and positive memories I’m not sure I would want to single it out as the ‘favourite’.

My memory of growing up in the 1950s was that games mostly involved being outdoors. Marbles, cigarette cards and various collecting games were greatly enjoyed. There was also much running around either playing football or tag or with imaginative play in which sticks were meant to be guns for soldiers or cowboys.

We had a pretty straightforward notion of the ‘goodies’ and the ‘baddies’ and were clear which side we preferred to be on. The days were care free and long, and the sun was almost always shining! I don’t have any pictures to hand but I am sure they would confirm the truth of my memory!

Many thanks to Des Kelly (Coventry)


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