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Orchid " 3S lady " network love

Posted Jan 05 2013 1:58am
Orchid " 3S lady " network love This year is already 31 years old Shu Ping could understand, " wholeheartedly read-only page book " How he suddenly becomes " 3S lady "? However, her two year just head out of the window, hurried " tide " as experienced love and flash marriage, flash off, let her PhD in biology was struggling to cope with. From the court back to divorce, Shu Ping's marital status back to the origin. Orchid " 3S lady " Sue Ping was born in Beijing to a family of teachers. The edification of the family, she was good at observation, diligent in thinking, especially interested in natural science, 26 years old when he successfully obtained a PhD in biology, and to enter into a well-known research institute is engaged in research work. When the same age girls enjoying the ideal setting for a couple in love romantic days, Shu Ping was immersed in the laboratory, with various biological specimens with happiness within. She was only a belief: their limited youth can stay in the pursuit of science on the glorious road. Through unremitting efforts, Shu Ping's career rose steadily. Soon began to cut a striking figure in academia. Sue Ping was not celibate. But looks like in her, around some female colleagues after marrying heart flutter at home, apparently in an enterprise. Therefore, she believes that marriage is a prison, will complete his own bondage. However, people around, Shu Ping just like walking alone in the wisdom goddess, noble, elegant, but it is difficult to close. After the Spring Festival in 2010, Shu Ping returned to his ala mater to tutor too. Grey-haired tutor in than words, give the students three aphorisms: " A are to maintain good body, two is the cause of good care, there is a family business. Three carriages only racing together bridle to bridle. Life will be complete. " Teacher let Shu Ping as if thinking of sth., original family is also an indispensable part of life. On the same day, and through several married with schoolmates chat, to her snow boots for women surprise, the original happy marriage will let a woman become rich and vibrant. Sue Ping began eagerly looking forward to the future, she believed her prince charming will hold the rope in the lights to wait for her. more than half the time, Shu Ping was accompanied by their mothers, frequently participate in various date activity, but there has kc5oen6d been no phase of the right one. At this time, Shu Pingcai suddenly realized that he had been at the time ranked in the " 3S Lady " ranks. So inevitably there is a frustration. In order to increase her daughter chips, Shu Ping's parents will family two houses in which a transfer to a daughter. Mother suggested Shu Ping the other half does not require too harsh. Sue Ping thinks he has the standard to a minimum, her bottom line is: are, physical, spiritual agreement. But, seemingly simple request, but invisible to many men excluded. Eventually, Shu Ping will each position from reality to the network. Flash marriage to flash off In 2010 11 earlier in the day, she was a member of the marriage register on the website, and fill in your information. Her mate is the key word " age: 30 to 35 years old: Master degree and above ". The website rapidly will be mate with the male member information screening. After a while, the registered name is " know your heart " who will give Shu Ping a message. " Know your heart " begins to speak with fervour and assurance: " I am 32 years old this year, 2005 from some famous Beijing Polytechnic college graduate, is currently in a state of Shanxi branch technology director. Because of the long-term business, to have a single...... " Shu Ping suddenly has a feeling of regret we didn't meet sooner. " Know your heart " also showed Shu Ping how his ideal and ambition: " I cannot be reconciled in the small and medium-sized city. I plan to go to Beijing to Zhongguancun to realize a computer's dream. " At this point, Shu Ping was so strongly desire to " follow your heart " immediately appeared in his eyes. That night, two people in the online open about ideas and life, to exchange photos, left a contact, until late into the night. The very next day morning, opened his eyes, mobile phone has been " follow your heart " sent a greeting message: " Good morning, baby! You want! " Stare at SMS, see again for a long time, for the first time felt the warmth of love bring a hitherto unknown. In three days after the weekend, " know your heart " from Shanxi to Beijing. Shu Ping went to meet him at the station. " Follow your heart ", real name Zhang Tao, burly, looks refined and cultured. Sue Ping firmly believed that, before Zhang Tao was to review the many people. After a brief relationship, two young people are immersed in sweet love. In 2011 before the Spring Festival, met only 3 months for Shu Ping and Zhang Tao to ugg store the marriage registration office to get a marriage certificate, and chose the wedding travel. The end of the trip, Shu Ping is glad to go back to work, Zhang Tao began to look for a job in Beijing. His daily morning to evening, runs a variety of talent market and fairs. However, three months later, Zhang Tao still did not find the ideal job. Sue Ping is going to help her husband with a helping hand. She used to work for a variety of online recruitment information. Eventually, she learned that a public institution recruitment has more than three years working experience in computer professional master's degree, locking the brow of stretch, the first time contact on the recruitment unit, briefly introduces the situation of Zhang Tao. The recruitment unit makes Zhang Tao the very next day my ID card, diploma, degree certificate original interview. After returning home, she was excited to womens snow boots share the good news with Zhang Tao. Looking at his clear eyes, Zhang Tao could not help out: " The ping, I may let you down, I do not a prestigious university master, I just graduated from college. " Shu Ping's passion was the moment come unexpectedly face extinguish. " In fact, fill out the false record of formal schooling is not my intention, I just want to own more opportunities. Can you forgive me? " Zhang Tao argues that. No way. You tricked me! This kind of deception has touched me to the bottom line. My heart broke. " Shu Ping sat on the sofa, constantly crying tears washed the inner remorse. A few days later, Shu Ping filed for divorce.
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