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or do not d rose 1.5 remember the Baisha

Posted Oct 16 2012 7:10am
A white across, that is the devil on his sword. Start, the Emperor of Heaven. "Devil declared war on the Emperor of Heaven," I let my men black Qi Wu Kana and you fight it. "Emperor of Heaven replied:" Well, first while I sent my men Baisuo to Qi battle with you black. ""Black Qi, black Qi, you really do not remember me do? My White Rose Yeah!" The Baisha pain cried, she did not want to and their friends battle. "Please fight it, no friends in the battle. Obviously, black Qi, or do not d rose 1.5 remember the Baisha. The black Qi twenty-three sword and a, free to hide Baisuo, did not fight back." A Baisha fast counterattack Yeah! "Pillar of a hurry cried."Brush brush the Baisha began" rebuttal "thorn in black Qi, you can see, this is not the Baisha real strength, she just did not want to hurt his good friend, she forgot himself.

Emperor of Heaven and the devil fight (including other soldier), new red blood stained the ground, the Mozu heaven people lose-lose the only surviving only black Qi and Baisha ... Baishabaisha, you Wake up, Yeah, I think of you, you are my friend cheap nike lebron 9 elite before White Rose, White Rose of you my friends, I remembered, I remembered. "black Qi look see the Baisha chest injury, self-inflicted injury, all night, all night, why not stab your sword before I think about you? now remember what's the use? also what is the use? Baisha dying to say: "No, no, my death in exchange for peace and harmony, you can exchange your memory will not be late, very worthy of me before you kill me, I found myself thinking, for you and the world, I am willing to lose their lives, as long as you can in my lifetime to remember me ... amount ... the amount, I am very ... very happy ... Baisha black Qi smiled dead ... her for this story painting on a blood-red full stop .
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