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Old Age Cold (and More)

Posted Mar 28 2011 8:31am

category_bug_journal2.gif Email back-and-forth with friend last Friday while conducting some boring, but necessary personal business:

FRIEND: How are you feeling?

ME: Awful. Many years ago, a cold remedy company used the slogan, “A summer cold is a different animal.” Hah! NOT summer cold. An old age cold is what's really a different animal. Like the worst flu you ever had.

FRIEND: How are you treating it?

ME: Nyquil and sleep around the clock unless I need to be awake like now to talk with you – then Dayquil.

FRIEND: I hate Nyquil. It knocks me out like I'm in a coma.

ME: Funny, that's what I like about it – oblivion - so I don't know how awful I feel.

(This is not, of course, dear readers, a recommendation. Deal with a cold in whatever way works for you.)

Sometime in the past few days, I woke up enough to turn on TV for a bit and watched Pretty Woman again, still one of the most charming, romantic fairy tales ever (or it seems that way when I'm drugged).

At another time (another day?), turning on the tube produced the perfect antidote to that make-believe - She Devil in which Roseanne Barr conducts a wonderfully nasty campaign to destroy the husband (Ed Begley) who cheats on her with Meryl Streep.

I would never have sought out those movies, but I was too sick to change the channel and they turned out to be just the kind of fluff that took my mind off my misery.

and More
Today begins a week-long “Hands Off Social Security” campaign to impress on Congress that the program has nothing to do with the deficit and must not be cut.

Sponsored by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare , today's event is a news conference with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who has been a staunch defender of Social Security. ( More information here )

Tuesday, a radio ad campaign begins to remind Congress tens of millions of Americans depend on Social Security which did not cause our financial troubles:

There will be more activities during the rest of the week. If you have not signed the petition to protest cuts to Social Security yet, you can do so here .

At The Elder Storytelling Place today, Celia Jones: The Day I Became a Mosquito

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