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NuoA cannon his idol "garnett is always malicious damage opponent"

Posted Jan 23 2013 1:48am
There are always late into the league rookie the predecessor as idols, for example, durant took McGrady as their idols. But, for their idols "scold" without ceasing players pour also rare, grumpy Chicago center NuoA is one of them. Yesterday, the Chicago bulls in 100:99 win over the celtics in the NBA regular season, NuoA once again to his "youth idol" cannon. The game, NuoA scored 14 points and 13 rebounds. Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 However, even if the team has achieved victory, but NuoA still fell down, he said garnett is still in the game to him "wave elbow son". And in the fourth quarter, two people also eat both in technical foul. When a reporter asked about how NuoA defensive Kevin garnett, NuoA looking to vomit slot garnett: "he always wave elbow son, malicious damage opponents, always want to do not let their better. He is a veteran, he did have a very long time." This is not NuoA in public for the first time to revolt the KG. In 2010 the east during the playoffs, NuoA once talked about Kevin garnett said. "Garnett is a dirty player," NuoA at that time, saying, "it's too bad, I'll be he played a elbow son injured. This incredible. He is too dirty.Competitive consciousness is one thing, but don't be a dirty player. It's a pity that he is." Kevin garnett in the game, because the action is too big and by her opponents, is not for one or two things back. This season, garnett has with nets heng fries and knicks Anthony conflict. Anthony and even try to block the dressing room and bus, to beg for Kevin garnett said, the former was made a league suspended a punishment. Play passion not wrong, but on the pitch by the opponent's attack behavior has, garnett I or union, whether should also be a reflection? Nike Air Max 2012 On the spot, with an average of 105.4 points (second in the league) the rockets play in 91.1 points (penultimate) of the indiana pacers, did you think the rockets all bad luck? But yesterday the first world war, the rockets are lost, a 95-105 loss to the pacers. This is their sixth straight loss, in today's league table, the rockets had fallen out of the top eight, # 9. This morning, they will also meet the first ten western Minnesota, on the road against the eight, the prospect is not optimistic. "A way, everyone out of form, we are stink." This is after the defeat of yesterday, the rockets coach for the team's comments on McHale. Words are a little bad, but the rockets really had slow fever, six losing streak, the rockets only two games in the first quarter to lead opponent, yesterday is in the first quarter by the pacers surely played big points difference. "The first day, we always played bad, we always can't over this obstacle." However, the rockets might slow and their schedule also has a certain relationship, is today with wolves game, this 12 days, they want to play a total of eight games. This kind of high strength and so on, the rockets tired is not surprisingly.The most can reflect the rockets tired, when is the rockets star haddon. Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Before the game yesterday, haddon has 22 consecutive games score and +, but against the pacers, the first world war the bull haddon getting record but drew to a full stop. The whole game, haddon 2 ball and shot only 5, and eventually to a 17 points, two consecutive games percentage is less than thirty percent. In addition, LinShuHao only 10 points sum. But for the Lord feel down, the rockets coach McHale can also respect, he said, "everyone tired. We must think of a way to solve the problem, and thus activate team." But this morning, the rockets will have TongMingXiangLian person, because now trapped in the injury of forest Wolf has also suffered a five-game losing streak.Face the third indiana pacers, Houston rockets yesterday continued straight on the road, they lost 95-105, at present already is six straight. The pacers is 11 straight at home. Haddon 19 shot only five of 17 points, Lin hao book ten points. Although it was 5 days game 4, the pacers not dew signs. The pacers and hurricane three points, and in the end of the first quarter than eighteen. Time section, LinShuHao lead the rockets hit score high, once the points gap down to only three points in the second half, but the pacers again soon open points difference. Small delfino outbreak, scored 12 points, the rocket launch last counter-attack, but before sitting behind too much, eventually failed to realize reversal. Nike Air Max 2012 Mens Defense is the pacers at home to make devil main reason, they only lost an average of 89.2 points, in this wave home winning streak, is averaging only 82.6 points lost.
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