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Now adult children caring for aging parents can get help from senior care pharmacists

Posted Jun 10 2009 6:43pm
The word "pharmacist" used to bring to mind the neighborly person behind the counter at the corner drugstore who filled prescriptions and asked about patients' families. Unfortunately, many of those neighborhood pharmacists and pharmacies are gone. Senior citizens are taking medications from their physicians' sample supply, mail-order pharmacies, grocery stores, and even health food stores. Many times our seniors do not receive the information, counseling, and assistance they need to properly take medications and watch for possible side-effects.

But today, thanks to MediSort and senior care pharmacists around the country (see ), seniors can have their own personal health care medication advisor: the senior care pharmacist.

Years ago, consultant pharmacists discovered a great need for a health care professional to advise doctors and nurses on nursing home patients' medications. Now, every licensed nursing home in the United States has a consultant pharmacist. But you no longer have to live in a nursing home to benefit from this kind of consultation. Consultant pharmacists (now known as Senior Care Pharmacists in the community setting) are helping consumers at home, local senior centers, retirement homes, and hospices. They're the accessible health care providers.

The average person over age 65 can suffer from several health problems at once: arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, hearing loss, or poor vision, among others. Most of these can be controlled by medicine. But taking several medications simultaneously-not to mention changes in the way the human body reacts to medications-often puts older patients at risk for unpleasant side effects and other medication-related problems. The MediSort senior care pharmacist specializes in monitoring the medicines commonly used by seniors to help prevent those problems.

What makes senior care pharmacists so valuable is the careful, sensible way they serve their patients. The senior care pharmacist is an educator, a comforter, a consummate health care professional, and a family friend.
For adult children of senior citizens, the senior care pharmacist is a trusted advisor who keeps them informed of an elderly mother's new drug regimen, consults with them about an aged father's sudden melancholy, and eases their fears about the uncertainties of caring for elderly parents.
The senior care pharmacist acts as a family's link between the patient, the physician, and other health care providers. The training, skill, and caring your consultant pharmacist can offer brings a more personal dimension to health care. Whether in the senior's home, or independent living facility, a neighborhood senior center, the senior care pharmacist will help you make the most of your medications-and your life. Consider contacting one today.
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