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Non Surgical Botox Alternatives

Posted May 18 2009 7:26am

In recent trends, more and more people are choosing other alternatives other than Botox to treat their wrinkles.  There are a couple of reasons that are contributing to this thought process, but none larger than the expense.  Consumers simply do not want to deal with all of the hassles and cost of using injections as a wrinkle treatment, but they do like the results.  Recently a new non surgical bionic treatment has been making waves as the best alternative to injections, and it has none of the hassles. 
What makes this non surgical bionic treatment so appealing is the fact that it can be used at home which makes it more attractive to men.  Believe it or not, but men have become a major purchaser of wrinkle creams, accounting for nearly 50% of all wrinkle cream sales in the United States.  By providing a way for men to enjoy an alternative to Botox from the privacy of their own home, more men are willing to try these products, vs. going to the doctor to receive injections, a very public display of anti aging.  Because men are still coming to grips with the use of anti aging products, they are much more comfortable and likely to try something if they can do so from home.
Another aspect to these bionic treatments that has made them so successful is its use of Argirelene.  This powerful hexapeptide is widely considered the only ingredient potent enough to be honestly considered a botox alternative.  It penetrates the skin deeply, like many peptides, but this supercharged peptide actually relaxes the muscles and overall facial tension that over time removes wrinkles and fine lines.  It may take a few applications vs. the instant results of an injection, but these non surgical bionic treatments provide long term benefits, something that injections cannot do.
Botox and other injections have been considered the best at removing wrinkles for years, however they have some pretty clear limitations, limitations that are eliminated by these non surgical treatments.  For one, injections are only a short term results, which means that you are not actually purchasing a cure for all of that money, you are effectively renting smooth skin from the doctor vs. owning it with bionic treatments.  Injections are also inconvenient to say the least.  Trips to the doctor or specialists office, injection marks and high cost are all associated with injections, yet are not problems when using the bionic treatment. 
The amazing revelations that scientists have discovered over the past few years have transformed the industry from a needle dependent one to an industry that can now provide the same level of results with at home treatments and topical serums.  This is what is causing all of the excitement.  Any expert will tell you that it is difficult to imagine a at home product, that can provide the same level of results of injections, but this bionic treatment really does do it.  It is a truly special product that is deserved of all of the high praises it is receiving.  If you are tired of all of the cost and hassles that is common among injection users, free yourself today with a non surgical bionic treatment.  It’s the ONLY true botox alternative in the business. 
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