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Nokia Windows phone VS Apple iPhone5

Posted Aug 17 2012 9:15am

CNET technology news network August 17 International report: local time on September 5, Microsoft and Nokia launched its first global-oriented Windows Phone 8 devices. This mysterious device veil is not currently open, but CNET based on speculation, Nokia is expected next generation of flagship phones ( called Lumia 1000) will look similar to the Nokia Lumia 900.

The following reasons:

First, the lineage in a relatively short period of time the old design is much easier than creating a new design. After all, Nokia Lumia 900 follows the Lumia 800 and Nokia N9 design. In the old version on the basis of Lumia 900 adds 4G LTE support, and a front-facing camera, screen size is more bigger.

Secondly, in view of Nokia's financial difficulties, adhere to the same basic shapes, materials and production processes, reducing design and manufacturing costs.

Third, most Windows Phone 8 mobile phone is changing the software, rather than hardware, so no need to radically alter physical design mobile phone.

Beside, I have to say Apple iPhone5 is coming, according to media reports, Apple iPhone5 will start from September 12 to accept pre-paid orders, traders noted that, compared with the current best-selling iPhone4S, iPhone5 release date is expected to be more nervous. Apple announced on October 4 last year when iPhone4S was launched, began to accept only prepaid orders until October 7, the first shipment date is October 14, the second shipment is on October 28. In addition message said, retailers are currently markdowns measures for existing iPhone models, on August 16, benefiting some Apple stocks sharply higher this message. What is more, iPhone5 accessories have already sold in some mall, for example best case mall, the most popular thing is cool iphone case, it's said that these cool iphone cases are pre-order out.

What will be changed?

First, although we expect Nokia Lumia subsequent appearance is essentially the same product, but there is a significant change, namely through the external changes improve phone functions, such as the microSD card slot. If Nokia can make room, top side or bottom side of the circuit is connected to your phone, will continue to keep their mobile phones using polycarbonate slab design.

Second, the new phones will have some small changes. We had been informed of the high end Windows Mobile quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus processors will be used. HTC One x-series phone is quad-core Nvidia Tegra3 processor, Samsung Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Exynos S3 are using 44,124 quad processor.

Third, we expect that the global publishing Lumia 1000 will use Windows Phone 8 support HD and features, configured the 4.3-inch AMOLED display at a resolution of 1280x720 pixels and Nokia ClearBlack display filters to reduce flashing famous.

Four, NFC is one of the new features supported in Windows Phone 8, Microsoft Tap+Share and the digital wallet feature will immediately inject vitality into the short range communication technology.

Five, in addition to Lumia phones of the future will carry Microsoft's new Windows Phone start screen, enhanced voice commands, better integration of third party VoIP services. These conjectures can become a reality on September 5 to be seen.

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