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No release date is yet announced

Posted Apr 22 2013 3:32am

 This is the first time that Blizzard will offer one of its titles on next generation consoles, perhaps because of the rise of the media that with the latter, approaching more performance PC. buy rs gold has been completely redesigned to fit the style of controls and cameras found on consoles. The game remains faithful to the history of the PC edition and will contain all updates done so far. We find the five playable classes, as well as different levels of difficulty, solo or local co-op mode or online.


No release date is yet announced. However, Blizzard announced that the game will be present at the event PAX East from 22 to 24 March 2013. However, it will go to Boston to attend and have the chance to test a preview PS3 version of Diablo III.Hopefully this will launch as well as its PC cousin who is the game fastest selling in history and has sold over 12 million copies worldwide. There are also Blizzard does not make us relive the first chaotic weeks that has experienced Diablo III, including the more than famous "error 37".

Blizzard banned the Diablo 3 players who use a robot program account recently Diablo 3maintenance beginning, players found a large number of cheating accounts Feng Ting, the same as before the majority of maintenance results. At the same time yesterday afternoon, Diablo 3 again service announced the start of treatment for hacking backtracking way to cheat the behavior of the equipment, First bind backtracking items, account application attempts to exploit this vulnerability banned and Thousands of players lost their Diablo 3 Gold and equipment. I hope all players to maintain good gaming environment report cheating information.Blizzard is very sensitive to the unfair Diablo 3 game player behavior Prior to Blizzard once massive seal killed the use of third-party plug-ins, buy guild wars 2 gold tens of thousands of Diablo 3 players led to the use of third-party plug-ins Diablo 3 box The account is permanently frozen.

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