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nike foamposite cheap Reinventing The Future: Small Is Beautiful

Posted May 25 2013 3:34am

Wisdom demands re-organizing science and technology toward the organic, the gentle, the non-violent, the elegant and the beautiful foamposite cheap. Small-scale operations, no matter how numerous, are typically less harmful to the natural environment; their impact does not overwhelm the recuperative forces of nature.

It is possible to re-direct technology back to the real needs of humankind, and to the actual size of man nike foamposite cheap. Man is small.

Small is beautiful. To seek gigantism is to seek self-destruction cheap nike foamposite.In line with the Gandhian model of humanizing and localizing work, Schumacher lay down four propositions:1.

Workplaces should be created where people live now, rather than forcing urban migration2 foamposite for sale. Workplaces must be cheap enough to be created in large numbers without high capital requirements3.

Production methods must be relatively simple in order to reduce skill levels not just in production but also in organization, supply chain management and marketing.4. Production should be mainly from local materials and for local use.With much better levels of connectivity - physical and electronic - the environment is ripe for distributed, localized production. Local production, using local materials, is ecologically sustainable, and appropriate to the needs of the 'real' needs of a customer.As an example, Dr. Vijaya Venkat, a Professor of Dietetics and Nutrition, told us that the best diet for the human body is food that is local and seasonal. While we may be able to import fruits and vegetables from anywhere in the world, it is neither environmentally friendly nor healthy. The same principle applies to almost all our daily items of consumption.We all have a role to play in supporting businesses that pursue small-scale production and distribution. We can look for - and shop at - retail outlets that are run in an eco-friendly and efficient manner.In a country like India, small organizations are definitely going to be the major employers and the main engine for our development and growth.
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