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nike blazer men did not take it lightly

Posted Apr 01 2013 7:55am


The United States  nike blazer men  did not take it lightly, although there is no evidence that the B-2 stealth bomber came to the Korean peninsula to participate in this exercise is already made plans, but this machine to come, can be said to have been the United States to make the most stringent stance. That is, if North Korea to make further action, a threat to the safety of overseas bases in the United States and South Korea, the U.S. will spend the most advanced weapons raid North Korea. The rare U.S. move, directing this joint exercises Chiefs of Staff Dempsey explained that, "This is not only in order to deter North Korea, also want to show the willingness of the United States to protect the security of Japan, South Korea and other countries.


Shouted the US-Japan alliance motionless on the face of Japan, with the so-called American influence and military strength of the Chinese threats and blackmail. China used to be tight-lipped about the later already be aware of, and now finally the courage to speak their true thoughts! Is already a very big step forward!And with the Chinese military action began, China has been increasingly impatient with the Japanese at every turn to come up with the US-Japan Security Treaty, the rhetoric of the US-Japan alliance to threaten to China!China has recently carried out on the Diaoyu Islands the normalized cruise; earlier said do not give up an inch of territory, also had warned Japan's own fishermen to be careful not to near the Diaoyu Islands fishing to avoid being caught the current, which backs ugly blame.


On the Diaoyu Islands issue, one after another; textbooks in Japan, on the other historical issues, began a new round of negation history, distort the image of the Chinese  nike air presto for sale   War of Resistance Against Japan action. Seen in this light, Japan wants to simply not all what the Diaoyu Islands, but there is a deeper level of demand.So the face of this shameless rogue, plus boring practice in Japan, China has begun impatient!Is different now, China's public military exercises, military cruise, and whether the United States the same also sent aircraft carriers stationed in it? Then the United States will have to face the three military conflicts; balance and deterrence also had to send three or more aircraft carrier!




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